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Report Concludes Increased Parent Involvement Can Benefit Students and School Community

A new report from the nonpartisan, nonprofit EdSource urges districts to view new directives to involve more parents in local schools as a mandate that could benefit individual students and the entire school community.

The publication – The Power of Parents: Research underscores the impact of parent involvement in schools – which was completed in collaboration with the New America Media, focuses on requirements in the Local Control Funding Formula that schools find ways to get more parents involved in their children’s education.

The 15-page document scans scholarly studies on the subject, concluding that “the literature on parent involvement shows that it can be a powerful tool associated with improved student and school outcomes, reduced high-risk behavior, and a positive school climate, among several other outcomes.”

The EdSource publication cautions that schools will be challenged “not to get bogged down in a bureaucratic exercise of tracking and assessing parental involvement at the expense of placing their energies into making it happen in the first place.”

It’s widely expected that the LCFF will result in much more parental involvement.  CTA’s own website includes a section on how to engage parents in transforming schools.

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