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CTA, EdVoice Back New Measure to Keep Students Safe

CTA and EdVoice are supporting new legislation by Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) that is designed to ensure student safety while protecting the due-process rights of educators.

The introduction of AB 215 follows three years of efforts to streamline the certificated employee discipline and dismissal process to help protect students.

The bill specifically speeds up the dismissal and suspension process for certificated employees and reduces its complexity, while keeping the rights of students and educators in balance.

“The bill balances a fair appeal process for any permanent employee requesting a hearing with the mandate to keep all students and staff safe and ensure every public school classroom is a productive learning environment,” said EdVoice President Bill Lucia. “EdVoice is pleased to support and join the hard work of the CTA in arriving at these needed and significant improvements to current law.”

“AB 215 expedites the current dismissal process to keep students safe, while also safeguarding the integrity of the profession and protecting the rights of educators,” said CTA President Dean E. Vogel. “This bill addresses the concerns expressed by parents, education stakeholders and lawmakers over the past few years. CTA is pleased to join EdVoice and Assembly Member Buchanan in demonstrating our shared commitment to this legislation.”

The measure is expected to gain its first hearing in the Senate Education Committee.

For more information about the bill, read the full text of the joint CTA/EdVoice news release, the text of the bill, and the News Release  from Assembly Member Buchanan's office.

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