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Two Key Bills Need Governor Signature

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign two key bills–one that will streamline the teacher dismissal process to ensure student safety and one that suspends the STAR tests to allow students to transition to testing aligned to the Common Core State Standards. 

While the governor has 30 days from the end of the legislative session to sign the measures, he could make his decision at any time between now and then.

The first bill – CTA-supported AB 375 by Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) and Principal Coauthor Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) – streamlines and expedites the dismissal process to keep students safe, safeguard the integrity of the profession and protect the rights of educators.

The second measure – CTA-supported AB 484 by Assembly Member Susan Bonila (D-Concord) – will align student assessments with the new Common Core State Standards.  

  • Click here for more information about these measures and for a quick way to contact the governor in support of them.
  • Click here to read the solid San Jose Mercury editorial in support of AB 484.

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