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Diane Ravitch Slams Corporate Reformers and Lauds Public Schools in Sacramento Address

(In photo above from r.) Author Diane Ravitch delivered a rousing defense of public education in the state capital on Friday night.  CTA Secretary Treasurer Mikki Cichocki-Semo was among the panelists who introduced. (Photo by Jose Medina)

During a powerful presentation to an estimated hundreds of educators, parents, and community members on Friday night in Sacramento, Prof. and author Diane Ravitch delivered a strident defense of public education and a formidable attack on the “corporate reformers” who seek to profit by convincing elected officials and voters that schools are not doing the job.

Ravitch, a research professor of education at New York University and a historian of education, illuminated the Memorial Auditorium near the state Capitol with her message about the deceptive attacks on public education and the “so-called” reform proposals that would cripple schools while enriching special interests.

“Our schools are not failing. Our system of public education is not broken,” Ravitch said.

Ravitch as detailed the misleading attacks on public education and the motives of the corporate reformer in her new book, Reign of Error: The Hoax of Privatization and the Danger to America’s Public Schools.

Ravitch was brought to Sacramento by a consortium including local CTA Chapters, which are helping to educate parents and policy makers about the challenges facing public schools, including a failed federal education policy that has – in Ravitch’s words – “abandoned the historic principles of federalism and is imposing mandates that are bad for children.”

Ravitch recently told a National Public Radio audience that the attempt to replace teachers with technology is a transparent attempt by corporations to increase their profits at the cost of student needs.

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