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Putting a Face on the Federal Shutdown: Local Cancer Victim Denied Access to Treatment

We all have read reports about the impact of the federal government’s shutdown on children and families, but nothing drives the point home like the case of 30-year-old Michelle Langbehn. The shutdown is blocking access of this cancer victim and Auburn CA resident to life-saving experimental treatment.

As reported in the Sacramento Bee  and local, national, and international media, Michelle, the mother of 19-month-old Lula, may die because the shutdown has blocked the National Institute of Health (NIH) from providing the experimental treatment to Michelle and more than 200 other cancer victims each week. Some of the cancer victims are as young as eight-years-old.

To us as educators who have devoted our lives to the welfare of children, the political posturing that has brought this denial of services about is unconscionable. And it is not hitting just cancer victims.  If the shutdown continues, some of our neediest students will be denied federally subsidized meals, meaning they may go hungry.

We can do something!

First, read the Sacramento Bee story about Michelle and the LA Times story about the pending loss of federally subsidized school meals.

Then follow this link to the NEA legislative action center and write a letter to your Congressperson.

Do it today!  Cancer victims and hungry children can’t wait.

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