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Dana Tomlinson and Erin Major visit the Castro familyLast school year, Dana Tomlinson and Erin Major, 6th-grade teachers at Emory Elementary School in San Diego, embarked on a project to visit the families of their 66 students. At the end of the year, they had completed nearly all of the visits and brought school supplies for each student.

"At this home visit (see photo at left), we met with April Castro's mom (her dad arrived just as we were leaving to go to our next visit) and April. They showed us around their house, shared some family photos, and we talked about how wonderful April is - kind, strong, outspoken, athletic," explained Dana. "We explained how some of the programs at our school work and what she can expect from us this year, and we listened to her let us know how we can best help April. Lastly, we had her experience the Chromebook our students are using this year by taking a survey to discover parental strengths and the extent to which they would like/are able to volunteer with us this year." 

Interested in learning more about home visits? Join the CTA Institute for Teaching and hundreds of home visit parent and teacher practitioners from across the country for the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project’s national conference, October 24-26 2013, in Burlingame. This year, former CTA Executive Director Carolyn Doggett will be honored for her years of advocating for home visits.

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