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Outraged? Tell the Sacramento Bee How You Feel!

Sacramento Bee Columnist Dan Walters has fired off another inaccurate column that attacks our union for pressing for legal changes to speed up and streamline the teacher dismissal process to protect students and safeguard the profession.

Mr. Walters wrongly attacks educators for their support for AB 375 (Buchanan), a bill to streamline the dismissal process.

Mr. Walters suggests that teachers are more interested in protecting teachers guilty of misconduct than they are in protecting children.  That is an outrageous assertion.

No one cares more about children than parents and teachers – and no one cares more about eliminating from the profession and our schools any person who poses a threat to youngsters.

Not only did CTA press for streamlining the dismissal process by supporting AB 375, it also cosponsored AB 449 (Muratsuchi), a measure designed to prevent the situation in Los Angeles that Walters discussed in which district officials paid a teacher accused of heinous sexual misconduct to leave the district.  The “teacher” quickly found work in another district, where he is also accused of similar misconduct.

AB 449 puts heavy criminal penalties behind the current law that requires district officials to report such misconduct to the state licensing agency, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).  Had L.A. district officials complied with the law, the CCTC would have investigated this teacher and revoked his credential, making it impossible for him to work in any public school district in the state.

So – bottom line – if you’re outraged by Mr. Walters’ column, write the Bee’s Letters to the Editor column and tell readers why Mr. Walters is wrong again.

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