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Shadowy Koch Brothers network fined for money laundering to silence union voices

What goes around comes around. Last week the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) held a much anticipated press conference to share the news that the secret $11 million donation to the NO on Prop 30 / Yes on Prop 32 campaigns was in fact money laundering via the "Koch Brothers Network of dark money political nonprofit corporations".

"This case highlights the nationwide scourge of dark money non-profit networks hiding identities of their contributors,” said Ann Ravel outgoing FPPC Chair.

With a ‘pension reform’ initiative being discussed for next year’s ballot, it’s important we get this information out and to expose these shadowy groups and their agendas – union busting, plain and simple.


"California election authorities called it "the largest contribution ever disclosed as campaign money-laundering in California history" -

"Nixon and the people who ran CREEP would have nodded in appreciation." - Sacramento Bee editorial 10/27/13

"Out-of-state donations were an issue for at least some voters, particularly on Proposition 32. It was bad enough that the measure didn't do what its backers claimed; the huge amount of "dark money" only added to the suspicion that someone was trying to pull a fast one on Californians." - LA Times op-ed 10/24/13

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