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Disappointing Outcome: Governor Vetoes Bill to Streamline Dismissal Process

At a recent forum on school finance, Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo), at left,  and  Toby Boyd, an elementary teacher and member of the CTA Board of Directors, discuss some key education issues, including protecting children and safeguarding the teaching profession.

After two years of hard work with lawmakers aimed at streamlining the teacher dismissal process, protecting children’s safety, and safeguarding the profession, we have learned some disappointing news today.  Gov. Jerry Brown had vetoed CTA-backed AB 375, a measure by Assembly Member Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) and co-author Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) that was the product of that hard work.

In vetoing the bill, Gov. Brown said he shared “the authors’ desire to streamline the teacher discipline process” but had concerns about the bill being “an imperfect solution.”

The governor also noted that the bill “makes worthwhile adjustments to the dismissal process…eliminating some opportunities for delay….”  But the governor said he believes that the bill’s “other changes [could] make the process too rigid and create new problems.”

He encouraged “the Legislature to continue working with stakeholders to identify changes that are balanced and reduce procedural complexities.”

“We are disappointed by the governor’s decision to veto AB 375,” said President Dean E. Vogel in a news statement issued this afternoon. “This bill presented a great opportunity to take a big step in streamlining the dismissal process to keep students safe, safeguard the integrity of the profession and protect the rights of educators.

“It was designed to start reducing procedural complexities and address concerns that were brought up in the previous legislative session. We appreciate the leadership demonstrated by Assemblymember Joan Buchanan and Senator Alex Padilla and will continue to work with them and other lawmakers on issues important to students and educators,” said the CTA president.

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