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Sacramento Bee Gets AB 375 Wrong

This morning, the Sacramento Bee ran an inaccurate and misleading editorial urging the governor to veto a bill supported by CTA: AB 375. We support this legislation because it streamlines the outdated teacher discipline and dismissal process while ensuring student safety and due process rights for educators. It also clarifies responsibilities of school districts and educators with respect to the appeal process.

The Bee editorial grossly misrepresents the bill and our support for it. AB 375 does not limit the number of witnesses that can be called during a dismissal hearing, for example, or how many people a school district can interview during its investigations. It does reasonably limit the number of depositions a district can do in preparing for a hearing to speed the process up. And it removes the Superior Court from the entire discipline process, saving districts time and money.

Here are a few other things the bill does:

  • AB 375 preserves the current ability of a district to file a notice of dismissal at any time on the basis of immoral conduct, including summer months.
  • Currently, a district is not obligated to place an employee on leave of absence if that employee is charged with homicide. AB 375 changes that.
  • AB 375 shortens the dismissal appeal process by setting a deadline of seven months from the request for a hearing to completion.  

Our members are classroom teachers who dedicate their lives to their students. They want to be accountable. Nobody is above the law. But they also deserve fair laws, and a dismissal system that keeps students safe and protects due process rights. AB 375 speeds up the teacher dismissal process and the appeals that can drag on - and hopefully we can all agree that is a move in the right direction.

Let the Governor know you support AB 375! 

Let the Bee know you support AB 375! 

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