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New Web Site Spotlights Right Wing Zealots Playing the Part of Think-Tanks

The Beatles sang that “money can’t buy you love,” but it certainly can buy a lot of right-wing “thinking.”

New information cobbled together by two sources – the Center for Media and Democracy and its partner Progress Now – is shining a spotlight on efforts by right-wing zealots to package their corporate agenda as if it were the product of nonpartisan research.

Simply put, the bad guys are pretending to be good-guy researchers.  

The recently surfaced information reveals that some of these right-wing corporate apologists are getting their funds from corporate ATMs, including groups allied with the infamous Koch Brothers and other radical CEO family foundations spawned by the Waltons, founders of WalMart, and the Coors family of beer fame.

The magazine Politico has reported that the base organization underpinning this effort -- “State Policy Network” (SPN) – Is not a network of think tanks but a group trying to keep out of the headlines while pushing the corporate agenda of the American Legislative Exchange Council that engages in anti-public education and anti-union political activities.

California’s political watchdog agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), recently levied a record $11 million fine against “non-profit” organizations allied with the Koch brothers that made unlawful political contributions designed to defeat Proposition 30, the school funding measure approved by the voters last November, and approve Proposition 32, a measure designed to gag the voices of teachers and other working women and men.

ALEC and company would love to privatize schools, ban public employee unions, and thwart environmental laws. 

Read up on these bad guys and what they are doing in California on the state page at state page at

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