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Educators Urge State Board to Maintain Flexibility in Local Funding Regulations

(Photo above, at podium) Kendall Vaught, a 39-year teacher of English Language Learners and other students, stresses to the State Board of Education the importance of drafting regulations that maintain the flexibility and local decision-making that are the essence of the Local Control Funding Formula.

(Photo above) Nikki Milevsky (at right), a school psychologist and president of the Sacramento City Teachers Association, discusses her testimony about the LCFF regulations with John Fensterwald, a Sacramento-based education reporter. 

CTA President Dean Vogel, CTA Board Members, and more than 160 other educators, education support professionals, parents, and students addressed the State Board of Education Thursday in Sacramento. The testimony came as the education policy body heard from the public about its proposed regulations on the Local Control Funding Formula.

Educators spoke directly to the board, which has the responsibility to draft the regulations, “templates,” and “rubrics” the state will use in ensuring that increased allocations going to districts with high proportions of students of greatest need result in more services aimed to help these students meet the ambitious new Common Core State Standards.

CTA representatives stressed that the regulations must stick to the flexibility and local decision-making authority that are both the letter and the spirit of the formula that was finalized by Gov. Jerry Brown and the legislature as part of the 2013-2014 budget agreement.

They expressed the hope that the Board would not restrict districts’ ability to use the new funds district-wide or place onerous reporting requirements on schools.

The LCFF is providing more funds to all districts, with supplemental appropriations to districts that have large numbers of students living in poverty, learning English, or living in foster homes. The new law recognizes that these students are more expensive to educate.

The Association’s concerns about the regulation draft disseminated by the state board are detailed in a letter from CTA President Dean Vogel to the board.

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