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Yuba City teachers have been without a contract for two years

Last week, just a month after a major demonstration, hundreds of Yuba City educators, parents and concerned community members attended a school board meeting to urge the district to reach a settlement that at least provides comparable salaries to teachers in nearby Marysville, who earn $10,000 more a year. After not being acknowledged at the beginning of the meeting, educators and community members walked out in the middle of the meeting chanting "disrespect!"

In addition to the salary issue, teachers – primarily female teachers – have been penalized for accessing their medical leave for pregnancies, nursing critically ill spouses, caring for elderly parents, and dealing with their own health crises. The district refused to advance these teachers on the salary schedule, resulting in them earning substantially less than their colleagues. The district, in the meantime, has ignored a decision by a neutral arbitrator in favor of the teachers, and is even attempting to “memorialize” this unjust practice in its current contract proposal.

Yuba City Teachers Association President Dina Luetgens expressed frustration that teachers have met 39 times in two years in bargaining sessions, to no avail. “What do we want?” Luetgens asked the board. “We want respect.  We don’t want you to tell us you respect us. We want you to show it.  Negotiate a fair contract.”

Watch the demonstration:

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