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New Report Released: A Deeper Look at QEIA Implementation

New independent research shows that the kinds of proven reforms provided by a CTA-backed state school turnaround program is helping hundreds of at-risk California schools improve and innovate, CTA President Dean E. Vogel announced today in a news conference at a successful elementary school in the program.

The Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) targets low-income schools like Harmon Johnson Elementary in the Twin Rivers Unified School District. The high-poverty school is flourishing and recently won a high-profile national award for excellence. The school has been receiving extra resources due to the QEIA law of 2006. Parental involvement and volunteering have soared at the school as well.

“With QEIA, we are finding new and effective ways to help our vulnerable students and to discover practices that all teachers can learn from. New research shows that these proven reforms are leading to positive impacts in achievement, school reputation, school climate and parent engagement. This is exciting to see and watch.” – CTA President Dean Vogel

Twin Rivers Superintendent Steven Martinez praised the promise of QEIA. “Harmon Johnson is the perfect example of utilizing additional QEIA resources appropriately — by identifying students by name and by need, and aligning financial resources along with the human resources, where they really make a difference and significantly impact student achievement.”

CTA sponsored the law, SB 1133, that created QEIA to settle a CTA lawsuit against former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger about funds owed to public schools. Over eight years, the program now targets about 400 at-risk schools with nearly $3 billion in proven reforms, such as smaller class sizes, better training for teachers and principals, quality professional development, more collaboration time, and more counselors in high schools. Several QEIA schools have won academic awards, and the turnaround program received international acclaim last year in a book by education reform researchers.

The new research is the first of five reports to be issued over the next year by Vital Research of Los Angeles and is based on in-depth case studies of dozens of QEIA schools. The highlights of the report, titled “Cultivating Change in Schools: A Deeper Look at QEIA Implementation,” are online here. The full report is here.
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