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Educators Work for Prop. 30, Against Prop. 32, and Media Notices

(From r. -- Weed Teacher Dana Dillon tells Reporter Derek Demo that Proposition 32 is both complex and deceptive.  It will muzzle the voices of teachers, nurses, firefighters, and other middle-class families while increasing the political power of wealthy special interests.)

Thousands of educators took the streets and the phones on Saturday and Sunday in a major mobilization aimed at encouraging voters to pass Proposition 30, the governor’s revenue measure to aid public education, and defeat Proposition 32, the Special Exemptions Act that would increase the political power of wealthy special interests at the expense of working women and men.

Throughout the state, the efforts caught the attention of the media, both in large markets and small.

In Chico, the local NBC and CBS affiliates interviewed four educators, including Weed Teacher Dana Dillon, about the campaign efforts and the educators’ support for Proposition 30 and opposition to Proposition 32.  The 2:05 minute story ran five times on three local stations on Sunday and on every newscast on Monday.

The video showed teachers walking precincts, writing postcards, calling voters, and doing video testimonials about their positions.

The story reports that “California teachers are fighting back against proposition 32, and urging a yes vote on proposition 30. Teachers across the state took made phone calls, wrote post cards, and hit the streets, spreading the message on both propositions.”

The Chico TV story, on KHSL-TV (Ch. 12),  is available on line at Teachers-Hit-The-Streets-for-Propositions.



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