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Working with Coalition Partners on Initiatives in 2012

CTA has been working width other labor unions, community groups and legislative leaders in hopes of getting additional revenues into the state budget. Various initiative ideas are being talked about to change tax structures in California and to raise additional revenues for education and other essential services. For too long, California has relied on short-term solutions to our budget problems. The consequences of the growing inequality of wealth and income in the state are undermining the foundations of our democracy and the future of our public schools and colleges.

CTA is also working width a coalition of labor unions to fight the expected paycheck deception initiative next year. This initiative is deceptive and dangerous. It claims to ban political contributions from both unions and corporations, but when you read the fine print, it actually unfairly impacts only unions by banning payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. It singles out middle-class workers and does nothing to stop big corporations from tapping their vast profits for political funding.

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