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Write the Chronicle to Let Readers Know Why Entrepreneur Tuck, the Would-be Superintendent, is Wrong

Marshall Tuck, the entrepreneur who would like to be the state’s education chief, has fired off another attack on our basic rights, rights hit by a recent flawed ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. The ruling, in Vergara v. State of California, attacks teachers’ job protections, due process, and seniority rights.


In an opinion piece that is an insult to all of our highly dedicated colleagues, Tuck praises the bad ruling.


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Now Contact State Assembly to Kill Bad Padilla Teacher Dismissal Bill

Action Alert - Updated 29 May

Over the objections of 325,000 educators, the Senate on Tuesday passed SB 1530 (Padilla), the opposed measure that would implement unfair teacher dismissal procedures.

Educators from around the state have begun contacting their Assembly Members in opposition to the bill. They are delivering a message to these elected officials that is a short and clear one: vote against SB 1530 in the Assembly.


The Senate Appropriations Committee voted last week 5 -2 to move SB 1530 (Padilla) to consideration by the full Senate.

Earlier that week, over 200 CTA member lobbyists walked the Capitol halls and pressed their two-point message about this teacher discipline bill.  They urged lawmakers to amend the measure or kill it.  Those teacher voices were heard – especially among the legislators who voted against the measure on Thursday.

Senator Curren Price and Senator Ted Lieu voted against SB 1530 because they understood that CTA’s goal is to improve the bill, widthout sacrificing critical protections for educators. The other committee members who voted for the bill, including the committee chair, Senator Chris Kehoe and the Senate President Pro Tem, Senator Darrell Steinberg, believe the continuing conversation will result in a bill CTA can support.

CTA will continue its opposition until the bill is amended so that teacher dismissals are fair. SB 1530 will be heard on the Senate floor during the week of May 28.

All CTA members are being encouraged to call their Senator and ask for a no vote.

Filed May 25 by Len Feldman. Updated May 30 by Len Feldman

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Alcosta Educators Urge Lawmakers to Fund Schools, Retrain, Protect Teachers

Mt. Diablo Education Association President Mike Langley shares information width Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, the area's senator, during a meeting between the team of educators from the Alcosta Service Center Council  and their lawmaker. (Photo by Len Feldman)

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Senator Padilla's Opposed Dismissal Bill Takes Away Rights, Does Nothing to Protect Children

The Los Angeles Unified School District failed to protect students at Miramonte Elementary school. Instead of using their powers immediately to remove and fire a teacher who breaks the law, LAUSD is deflecting responsibility and supporting changes to the teacher dismissal law for all educators.

Senator Padilla has introduced SB 1530 to make changes in teacher dismissal law. Senator Padilla should instead be calling for an investigation of why management failed to use its powers that current law provides.

Senator Alex Padilla has told the LA Times that he wants to work width CTA to make SB 1530, his CTA-opposed teacher dismissal bill, into something more useful. But he's also told a Sacramento reporter that he thinks school boards should have the right to get rid of a teacher as soon as district officials come to believe that a teacher has committed a firing offense.

While this may not sound like such a bad idea to most people, there's more to it. This bill would eliminate constitutional due process rights for teachers and enable local school districts to fire a teacher regardless of the facts.

Let's take a closer look at what SB 1530 would do:
  • Take away educators' rights to a hearing.
  • Eliminate educators' opportunity to respond to charges.
  • Allow districts to summarily dismiss educators for almost any type of misconduct, whether it be minor offenses (such as smoking cigarettes in a personal car on school grounds or wearing open toed shoes in a shop class) or major offenses.
  • It treats all misconduct the same way.
  • Raise district costs by providing an automatic appeal to superior court. Current law avoids that cost. These changes would raise district costs needlessly at a time classrooms desperately need more money.
CTA staff met width Sen. Padilla's office on Monday and secured some revisions – but not enough – to the measure.

The amended measure secured the approval of the Senate Education Committee Wednesday morning and is headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee for its next hearing.

Contacts to State Senators that ask that lawmaker to contact Senator Padilla and urge him to change his bill into a measure that CTA can support can make a difference. It's important that the Senator know the bill is both unfair and detrimental to the best interests of educators and students.

Your Senator can be reached by phone or fax at the her/his Capitol office.

CTA's Legislative Action Center can provide more information about the bills and how to contact other lawmakers: Contact Your Lawmaker!

The most recent CTA advocate letter on the bill is below.  Click on the image to read a full-size version.


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