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Educators help pass two bills out of committee: AB 1478 to make charters transparent and accountable and AB 699 to prohibit discrimination of immigrant students

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Educators met with assembly members and staff this week to advocate a YES on AB 1478, which will ensure charter school governance is transparent and that monitoring and oversight of charter schools are conducted to protect public education and be in the best interest of our children. The bill was passed out of Assembly Education Committee on a party line 5-2 vote. 

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Urge Congress to Fix the Immigration System and Protect Children

No one cares more about children and their families than educators. Right now, all of us have a chance to put that concern to work by urging Congress to reform immigration and protect children.

Urge your U.S. Senator and Congressperson to support comprehensive immigration reform that puts all qualified children on the five-year pathway to citizenship and keeps children safe when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency performs raids.

The vehicle for this vital reform to the current unwieldy and counterproductive immigration system is S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. The Senate Judiciary committee is reviewing and amending the measure, and your input can make a difference as to the final bill’s content.

CTA and NEA are asking Congress to:
  • Enact and expand the DREAM Act and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals      (DACA).
  • Preserve the unity of families, traditional and nontraditional.
  • Create a realistic path to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring citizens who call America home.

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CTA joins "All In For Citizenship" Rally in DC

Educators from across the country will be taking part in the All In For Citizenship Immigration Rally on April 10 in Washington, DC. CTA has a delegation who will be there representing all members.

Educators believe students should be made to feel welcome and safe regardless of where they were born. This is why they will put their beliefs and advocacy for DREAMer students on full display in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol. At the April CTA State Council of Education last weekend, council members sent a strong message of support to all those facing the challenges our nation's immigration laws present. Council members also approved a new business item to take action supporting immigration reform efforts as well as participation in the May Day Immigrants' Rights March, May 1, 2013.

We know that everyone who wants to be in DC rallying won't be able to make the journey.  But the distance doesn't have to stop them from Speaking Up and sending our message to Congress - call Congress at 1-866-632-6057 to demand that they pass commonsense immigration reform that:
  • Addresses the millions of students and young adults who were brought here as children by their parents. America is strengthened by holding onto DREAMer students who love our country and are contributing to it.
  • Preserves family unity. Families play a critical role in student success. Yet growing numbers of public school students live in fear that our nation's immigration policies will break up their families, forcing them to choose between their country and their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
  • Creates a realistic path to citizenship for the aspiring citizens who call America home. We need to ensure a fair process that takes into consideration what these new Americans contribute to our country.

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Capitol News: CTA and NEA Press for Immigration Reform and Educational Financial Aid for All Residents

CTA and the National Education Association have been at the forefront of the battle (in the state and in Congress) to secure full college access to all students, regardless of their immigration status.  CTA and NEA are fighting for the passage of the Dream Act to provide all students in need width financial aid. Current law restricts the availability of funding, depending upon a student's residency status.

Educators are also concerned about the impact of the nation's broken immigration system on students and their families. CTA policy supports a system that values keeping families together, provides a path to citizenship for those aspiring Americans who are working in our communities, and ensures all students have an opportunity for higher education.

Take action now by signing the Student and Family Petition. CTA and NEA will participate in the national rally in Washington, D.C., on April 10. Be sure to share your story on how the broken immigration system hurts our students.

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Time for Immigration Reform

CTA and NEA are part of a broad coalition of unions and community-based organizations calling for comprehensive immigration reform as Congress gets ready to debate the issue. As educators, we have witnessed for far too long the impact of the nation's current broken system on our students, their families and our communities.

As outlined in CTA policy, we need an immigration system that values keeping families together, provides a path to citizenship for those aspiring Americans who are working in our communities and expands the Dream Act to ensure all students have an opportunity for higher education.

On April 10, CTA and NEA will participate in the national rally for immigration reform in Washington, DC.

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