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Governor Vetoes Onerous Fiscal Reporting Measure

At CTA’s urging, Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a CTA-opposed measure that would have put additional strings on funds headed for local school districts, funds they would use to help meet the special needs of their students.

SB 344 by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) would have imposed additional reporting requirements on school districts prior to their receiving supplemental funds for English learners under the Limited English Proficient Students program. 

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Just Say “No”: Educators Urge Lawmakers to Reject Bill that Won’t Protect Students

Warren Fletcher (at right), both a teacher and leader of 35,000 Los Angeles educators, urges an education aide on Assembly Member Betsy Butler’s staff to encourage the lawmaker to vote against SB 1530 (Padilla).

That measure purports to protect children, but Fletcher pointed out the measure is really a smokescreen, diverting attention from the failure of management at the Los Angeles Unified School District to report allegations of misconduct to the state licensing agency.

Fletcher noted that had the district met its legal reporting requirements, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing would have revoked the license of an educator charged width sexual misconduct, and that alleged perpetrator would have been unable to teach in any classroom in the state.

Fletcher emphasized that no one is more concerned than teachers in making sure students are protected from harm, but that SB 1530 won’t help.  In particular, it won’t increase the penalties against district officials who fail to do their duty.

Fletcher is one of several dozen educators in the Capitol Wednesday to urge lawmakers to defeat SB 1530.

SB 1530 is slated for a hearing Wednesday afternoon in the Assembly Education Committee.  Educators from around the state are expected to testify against the bill.

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Teachers Seek to Kill Bill That Would Divert Attention from District's Failure to Protect Students

Teachers are hard at work to persuade legislators to kill educator-opposed SB 1530 (Padilla), which has cleared the California Senate and is scheduled for a hearing before the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday, June 27.

The bill would divert lawmakers’ and the public’s attention from the cascading failures of a school district’s management to use current law to protect children from an employee charged width improper conduct.

SB 1530 ignores the failures of the superintendent and officials of the Los Angeles Unified School District to report alleged misconduct to the state licensing agency, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  That credentialing body has the power to revoke an educator’s credential, preventing that employee from working in any public school in the state.

Instead, SB 1530 adopts the district’s justifications for its failures – justifications that include unsubstantiated assertions that current law prevented the reporting.  In point of fact, current law requires the district to make the reports and holds the superintendent personally liable for failing to comply.

The issue reflects allegations against two teachers at Miramonte Elementary in Los Angeles.  The district failed to report the charges in a timely manner, allowing the individuals to gain employment in another school district.

SB 1530 would make radical changes to current law and undermine an accused’s right to a fair hearing.  It does nothing to add new penalties for administrators or districts that fail to comply width reporting laws.

For more information about the bill, view the  letter embedded  below. For more information and ways to get in touch width your lawmakers, go to Contact Your Legislator.




Assembly Education Committee Members:



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