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Almost 20,000 layoff notices slam CA schools: more expected

More than 19,500 educators have already received layoff notices, and that number is expected to rise as more data trickles in. 206 school districts out of approximately 1,000 in California had reported notifying educators they could lose their jobs because of school funding cuts.

When you issue thousands of layoff notices to educators, you are hurting students. The layoff turmoil brought on again by state cuts is harming classrooms, our students, and their families. When you repeatedly lay off teachers, you break the bonds of learning, and you send the message that education is not a priority in our state. - CTA President Dean Vogel
California already ranks 47th among the 50 states in support for public education, and schools are threatened width another $4.9 billion in cuts if the governor’s tax initiative is not approved by voters in November.

The 10 California school districts issuing the most layoff notices are:
  1. Los Angeles Unified, about 9,500
  2. San Diego Unified, more than 1,608
  3. San Juan Unified, 458
  4. Capistrano Unified, 392
  5. Sacramento City Unified, 389
  6. Moreno Valley Unified, 332
  7. Long Beach Unified, 309
  8. San Bernardino City School District, 251
  9. San Francisco Unified, 210
  10. Sweetwater High School District, 209
In this video below, educators speak at a press conference about the almost 20,000 layoff notices handed out to school employees this week due to the ongoing budget crisis.

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CTA responds to RIF notices, "weighted-pupil" funding formula

Nearly 20,000 pink slips were issued to California teachers last week as the state deadline for sending Reduction in Force notices passed. CTA coordinated three media events to speak out against the state budget cuts and to speak up for increasing state revenues. Events were held in Brisbane, New Haven and width the statewide Educational Coalition in Sacramento. These drastic annual layoff notices continue to hurt students and families for generations. If you received a RIF notice, please know your legal rights and know that CTA will be there to support you.

CTA and the Education Coalition are also speaking out against the Governor’s proposal to change the school funding formula this year and move to what is called a weighted-pupil formula. While the proposal is designed to achieve some laudable goals, it would radically change the way schools are funded in California and would essentially make the $20 billion in cuts over the past four years permanent. First, we are concerned about timing. Changing the school funding formula in a year when local districts will not know their actual budgets until after a November Election is too big of a risk and is the wrong time to make drastic changes. We cannot support any formula where some students and districts become big losers, while others become big winners. All disparities must be explained and justified. And finally, the proposal eliminates the state’s Class Size Reduction program – giving districts the extra dollars width no requirements to maintain smaller class size. We believe the Governor must provide a detailed analysis of the proposal width public hearings at all levels widthin the education community.

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