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President Obama’s Jobs Act includes money to rehire educators

Putting the needs of Main Street ahead of Wall Street, President Obama announced the American Jobs Act, a bill designed to jumpstart economic growth and job creation. It includes resources to prevent educator layoffs and rebuild public schools and colleges. The Jobs Act calls for $30 billion to help prevent up to 280,000 teacher layoffs nationwide, including about 37,000 educator jobs in California. He’s also proposed $25 billion for school infrastructure. California would get about $2.8 billion, which would help create another 36,000 jobs. Joining educators in the call for tax fairness, Obama also outlined his plan for closing the budget deficit, which includes letting tax breaks for millionaires expire and closing tax loopholes for special interests like oil companies. Email your lawmaker today and tell them to support middle class America and the Jobs Act.

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Obama jobs plan puts teachers and other school employees back to work

Last night, President Obama unveiled his much anticipated American Jobs Act. The package, thankfully, puts the needs of Main Street ahead of the needs of Wall Street.

The President made it very clear that America’s students shouldn’t bear the brunt of our country’s economic crisis. Our children deserve manageable class-sizes and modernized and energy-efficient school buildings. School buildings should be conducive to learning—fixing and modernizing schools helps our children learn and puts Americans back to work. When we save jobs in our nation’s public schools, students are the winners: they receive more individual attention, more help from counselors, more afterschool help and more opportunities to succeed.

The package will:
  • Invest $30 billion in local jobs assistance—much of this assistance will help put teachers and other school employees back into our schools and classrooms
  • Help prevent 280,000 layoffs
  • Provide $30 billion for public school and community college modernization—width almost half being funneled into the schools that need it the most
  • Extend unemployment benefits to school employees that that lost their jobs due to local budget cuts
  • Create subsidies and incentives to help the 8 million Americans who are under water on their mortgages stay in their homes.
Watch the speech here:

Share your story: how have budget cuts affected your classroom?

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