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Guest Blogger Jacqulla (Angel) Payne: Workshops Refresh and Inspire

This is the sixth time that I have attended the National Education Association's Representative Assembly, and each has proven to be an amazing experience being part of such a large assembly of educators - nearly 10,000!  Each time I have attended the RA, I've attended the Joint Women & Minority Issues pre-conference which begins two days before the RA.  They always have empowering keynote speakers and workshops that provide useful information, and this year I was not disappointed.

From their list of many workshops two stood out for me, which I've actually taken at a Region 3 Leadership Conference before.  It always amazes me how retaking some workshops actually makes the previous information more clear, or offers additional information which was not offered at the previous trainings, which was the case for me this time.  

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Bully Free: It Starts with Me

Bullying in our schools is at a tipping point, and while 48 states have passed bullying prevention laws it’s more important than ever that educators take a stand, and take action to prevent bullying. Our students need more caring adults in their lives, and educators are primed to take a stand against bullying in schools.

The myth that kids-will-be kids and bullying is a harmless rite of passage has lingered for too long. Research shows that persistent bullying inflicts measurable harm on many students. The side effects of bullying are many, and can be devastating. Bullying can lead to a decline in academic performance and attendance and can cause physical illness, extreme psychological withdrawal and depression. In the worst cases, bullying can lead to death.

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Equality California, Allies Focus on FAIR Education Act

Equality California (EC) and the Milk Foundation are cosponsoring a panel discussion regarding SB 48 (The FAIR Education Act), authored by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), reports CTA Liaison C. Scott Miller, who works width EC.

The panel discussion is slated for from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at The California Museum at 10th and O Streets in Sacramento.

The panel both celebrates Harvey Milk Day - named in honor of the slain San Francisco supervisor --  and explores the implementation and benefits of Senate Bill (SB) 48 – a bill authored by Senator Mark Leno and signed by Governor Brow that requires California public schools to teach LGBT history.

The panel is expected to take up issues including bullying in schools that is related to sexual identities.

Listed as hosts for the event are Governor Jerry Brown, the LGBT Legislative Caucus and Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez. The sponsors anticipate more than 250 people  attending, including public officials, education community representatives, business leaders and the general public.

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