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Here is a glimpse at some of the milestones resulting from CTA's efforts at various times over the past 150 years: 

 CTA's first legislative achievement established free public schools in California in 1866.

 CTA established schools for children of migrant workers in 1967.

 CTA's State Council of Education began in 1905.

 CTA campaigned to establish community colleges in 1911.

 In 2001, CTA that pointed out the challenges to lawmakers in our schools of greatest need, and won additional assistance for those schools that have been labeled low or under-performing based on student test scores.

 In 2004 CTA helped secure state funding for the education of physically challenged students.

 In 1977, educators have duty-free lunches because of CTA.

 In 1867 CTA won public funding for schools that educated non-white students.

 CTA won a legal victory in 1927 when the state Supreme Court ruled that a school board cannot fire a female teacher simply because she got married.

 In 1899, CTA wrote the legislation requiring that all public school teachers must be college graduates.

 CTA and the Association of Mexican American Educators co-sponsored legislation creating Day of the Teacher in 1982.

 CTA helped defeat the Briggs Initiative in 1978 that would have banned gay and lesbian educators in California schools.

 NEA held its first convention in California in 1888 in San Francisco.

 CTA sponsored legislation requiring compulsory school attendance in 1874.

 In 1994, CTA opposed Proposition 187, a ballot initiative designed to deny undocumented immigrants social services, health care, and education.

 At CTA's urging, free textbooks were printed and distributed at state expense beginning in 1911.

 In 1998, CTA won passage of Proposition 98, guaranteeing a minimum portion of state money to fund K-14 education.

 Gov. Jerry Brown signed the CTA-sponsored Rodda Act in 1975.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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