Your Voice. Our Union. Our Future.

After multiple conversations about priorities and the important issues facing public education, educators, CTA and California, our union’s top governing body, the State Council of Education, voted to engage in a professional strategic planning process to develop a long-term strategic plan for CTA.

What is it?

The Strategic Planning Process is designed to build a long‐term plan for CTA that will: 

• Engage ALL members and staff
• Look at what we are doing now and where we want to go
• Embrace new ideas
• Set priorities and focus organizational resources
• Build the CTA we want for our future

How are we doing it?

Our Strategic Planning Process will be:

• Open
• Transparent
• Interactive
• Inclusive of members, staff and community stakeholders

Why are we doing it?

 • To build a stronger CTA that engages and empowers members and to build a better state for public education

Who is involved?

 • You are. Your voice is needed throughout the process, which is guided by the Strategic Planning Group (SPG), a group of more than 70, representing our diverse membership and staff.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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