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Negotiations and Organizational Development

Budget 2013-14:  
Administration Budget: $6,484,137
Program Budget:      316,000
Total Budget:  $6,800,137

The Negotiations and Organizational Development Department (NODD) is a field based, client driven department in the Regional Services Division. The Department provides resources and expertise in the areas of bargaining, training, budget analysis, mediation, fact-finding support, organizational development and health benefits strategies to assist Primary Contact Staff (PCS) and leaders to achieve the best possible contracts for our members.  The department:

  • Supports local bargaining teams during mediation, fact-finding, and organizing around bargaining issues. In addition to School District Budget Analysis, Bargaining Advisories are sent to staff as necessary on topics that may arise during negotiations
  • Analyzes the State Budget for staff and members and explains implications and uses for this information for chapter activities.
  • Coordinates and implements training for the Presidents Conference, Summer Institute, and CTA Issues Conference.
  • Develops, coordinates and delivers multi-day training sessions for staff members to help ensure they remain current on relevant issues.
  • Developed, maintains, and provides training on two CTA software programs that are designed to assist the PCS and bargaining teams. Budget Essentials for Negotiations (BEN) analyzes school district budgets and Salary Schedule Analysis (SSA) allows staff and leadership to accurately cost out salary, benefits, step and column, and other aspects of the salary schedule.
  • Maintains CTA Search, an additional resource available to chapter presidents, bargaining chairs and CTA staff.
  • Provides assistance as consultants to CTA workgroups and State Council committees.
  • Responds to requests from leaders, members, staff and the general public for research about California public schools, public education and other topics of interest.


Provide staff and chapters with the most current information needed to adequately perform the task of representing chapters in the collective bargaining process.


Provide staff and chapter leaders with the information and skills necessary to effectively represent members

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