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Governance Support

Administration Budget 2013-14: $2,255,654

Governance Support coordinates all governance functions for the Executive Officers, the Board of Directors, State Council of Education and CTA’s delegation to NEA’s annual Representative Assembly, including scheduling, logistics, record keeping and secretarial services. Governance Support provides:

  • Preparation, development and support of State Council meetings, including preparation of State Council minutes and the State Council Board Report.
  • Preparation and support of Board of Directors meeting, including the preparation and distribution of minutes and Board Briefs.
  • Staff support for the Executive Officers and the Board of Directors.
  • Coordination of California’s participation in the NEA Representation Assembly, including all logistics for the California Caucus meetings and delegate housing arrangements.
  • Development and maintenance of State Council Representation records.
  • Staff support for the Representation Committee, Local Government Documents Review Committee, and Elections and Credentials Committee.
  • Preparation and maintenance of the Board Advisory Grouplisting.
  • Facilitation of membership involvement on CTA advisory groups and attendance at non-CTA conferences.
  • Reconciliation of leader/member expenses.
  • Development of the Orientation Handbook for State Council Members.
  • Development of the Handbook for State Council Committee Chairpersons.
  • Preparation of the State Council Representation Report.
  • Preparation of election publications, including the CTA Elections Manual and Guidelines for Chapter Election Procedures.
  • Preparation of the Requirements for Development of Bylaws and Election Standing Rules for Chartered Chapters of CTA.

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