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Crisis Assistance Fund

Budget 2013-14:  $834,000

Provides for: Financial support to chapters undergoing elections, negotiations, crisis, and arbitration as administered by the Crisis Assistance Panel. 

Standing Rule 8-6: Crisis Assistance Panel

  1. Composition. The Crisis Assistance Panel shall consist of nine (9) members, including two from the CTA Board of Directors (one from the South and one from the North), one NEA Director from California, and the remainder to be chosen at large. The three elected CTA Executive Officers shall serve as ex officio members (nonvoting). (Amended March 1982, September 1986, June 2009)
  2. Functions. The Panel shall:

Evaluate, through the use of crisis evaluation teams, plans for action by local chapters which involve the potential use of the resources and/or name of the Association. (Amended June 1984)

Allocate crisis funds within general budgetary amounts established by the State Council and such additional control parameters as may arise from time to time by actions of the Board of Directors. Such allocations shall be made consistent with the overall amount of available funds, other potential demands on those funds, degree of local effort within the context of available resources, and a candid assessment of the viability of the contemplated crisis plan.

Administer, as the agent of the Board of Directors, the Arbitration Participation Fund pursuant to guidelines established by the Board. (Adopted April 1999)

Administer, as the agent of the Board of Directors, the National Education Employees Assistance Fund in and for California, pursuant to guidelines established by the Board. (Amended April 1999)

Serve as the administrative agent of the Board of directors for holding the Charter for a Chapter which is not the exclusive bargaining agent for its members, review plans for regaining such recognition and make recommendations to the Board for approval or disapproval, monitor the performance of a chapter in adhering to the plan, and make recommendations for further actions including the appointment of an Organizing Committee wherever appropriate. (Amended March 1982, April 1999)

Perform such other crisis-related tasks of any kind as may be directed by the Board of Directors. (Adopted April 1999, Amended July 1980, March 1982, Renumbered August 1982; Amended June 1984, January 1990, April 1992, June 1992, June 2009, October 2010)

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