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NEA RA: Uniting Our Members and the Nation for Strong Communities, Empowered Professionals, Successful Students


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The NEA Representative Assembly is the largest democratic deliberative assembly in the world. California sends more than 1,000 delegates to the NEA RA each summer. During this annual meeting, CTA members help set policy and chart the direction of NEA business through participation on various committees, constituencies, caucuses, and leadership groups.  

Looking Ahead - NEA Representative Assembly 2018 - July 2-5 - Minneapolis, MN:  

Over 8,000 NEA members are expected to attend the next Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly from June 30 to July 5 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Details to come in early 2018.

Recap - NEA Representative Assembly 2017 - July 2-5 - Boston, MA:

The NEA Representative Assembly for 2017 was held July 2-5 in Boston, MA with the California caucus (pictured above) meeting on June 30. The theme for this year's RA was Uniting Our Members and the Nation for Strong Communities, Empowered Professionals, Successful Students.

In addition to this year's official business, other highlights of NEA RA '17 include:

 a photo challenge, where delegates could post a photo a day to share their NEA RA experience and win a prize

 a "Book Fairy" hunt, where five California Reads books were hidden for members to find, where they could either keep the book, or read it and then hide for someone else to find

 a video compilation of delegates' snaps using the new Snapchat filter

 a closed NEA Facebook page to encourage members to post photos, share tips and ask questions

 a blog article to engage members about Boston: 11 Reasons Why Boston is the Best Location for the NEA RA

 and a blog post from a first-time delegate, Renata Sanchez, on What the NEA RA is Really Like From a First-Time Delegate

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