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The old forms page has gotten a makeover and has been reorganized with drop down menus and topic headers so you don’t have to scroll down the page to find what you are looking for. You’ll find all Service Center Council, Treasurer, and CTA/ABC forms, with easy to use navigation and download features.


Choosing to Make A Difference Forms

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Membership Enrollment Forms

To join CTA, print appropriate enrollment form below and send completed form to Membership Department, CTA State Headquarters, P.O. Box 921, Burlingame, CA 94011-0921.

Membership Engagement Pilot Grant Program


You have the option to complete and submit CTA/ABC forms online or manually. Please see the CTA/ABC Calendar and Programs. For more information or questions, call 916-325-1594.

In order to use the signature function on the applicable forms below, you must download and save the document. Once you have done so, you can open the form and the signature function will be visible.

Online Submission: If you would like to submit the CTA/ABC forms online, click on the "ABC Forms Online Submission" link below. You will need to log in (Log in to the CTA website at top right) to access the link, which will then take you to the ABC Forms main page. Follow instructions to submit the CTA/ABC forms online.

ABC Forms Online Submission

Manual Submission: If you would like to submit the forms manually, download the PDF forms below. Complete the forms, then submit them via email to with a cc: to your CTA/ABC Committee member or by fax to 916-325-1596.