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E. Toby Boyd


District E 

E. Toby Boyd, a teacher for 23 years in the Elk Grove Unified School District, is serving his second term on the Board, which expires June 25, 2020.

Boyd represents most of the CTA members in the counties of Sacramento and San Joaquin. He was involved with an educational program in Elk Grove Unified that assists under-represented children in the fields of math, science and engineering – a program called MESA (Mathematic, Engineering, Science Achievement). He held the positions of MESA advisor and elementary coordinator for Elk Grove, and served as the liaison between the school district and the universities involved with the program.

As a strong site representative for the Elk Grove Educators Association, he gained the respect of his peers and was appointed as a bargaining team member. He served as a delegate to the CTA State Council of Education, the union’s top governing body. At State Council, Boyd served on the Early Child Education Committee, where he was appointed the chair of the kindergarten subcommittee. He also held the position of member/minority at large on the CTA Association for a Better Citizenship Committee. Boyd is a 12-time delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly.

He was also involved with Preschool California, an organization seeking the implementation of universal access to preschool for all California’s children. Boyd served as a spokesperson for the group at several functions, and represented the organization’s position on at least two state legislative panels. He was also appointed by former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass to the state’s California Early Learning Quality Improvement System Advisory Committee, where he was the vice-chair of the Data Systems for Program Improvement and Research/Evaluation subcommittee. Boyd is currently serving on the CA Transitional Kindergarten Professional Learning Steering Committee.

Boyd is a graduate of California State University-Sacramento, where he earned a bachelor’s in liberal studies with an emphasis in bilingual/cross-cultural studies, and then earned his teaching credential from the Multi-Cultural/Multi-Lingual Center at the university.

He lives in Sacramento with his daughter, Chauncee and mother, Jacqueline. 

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