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CTA Association for Better Citizenship

The CTA Association for Better Citizenship (CTA/ABC) Committee works to make sure the voices of students and teachers are heard in our local schools and communities throughout the state. Over the years, elected officials supported by CTA/ABC have helped change the face of public education in California, scoring wins for students, local schools and teachers. Whether it's a local bond issue or establishing new state educational standards, teachers must be involved in the decisions that directly affect our public schools and students. CTA/ABC makes sure our message is heard.

How to Request Funding for Your Local Election

To request funding for your local election, please follow the  CTA/ABC Committee’s application process and complete the appropriate CTA/ABC forms (you must be logged in to CTA.org to access the application process and the forms).  Please see the CTA/ABC Forms section below.  The CTA/ABC forms must be completed and submitted by the deadlines.  Please see the CTA/ABC Calendar and Programs.  Late applications will not be considered.  Send completed forms to your  CTA/ABC Committee member with a copy to your Regional Political Organizer.  For more information or questions, call 916-325-1594.

 New Funding Formula


You have the option to complete and submit CTA/ABC forms online or manually.  Please see the CTA/ABC Calendar and Programs. For more information or questions, call 916-325-1594.

In order to use the signature function on the applicable forms below, you must download and save the document. Once you have done so, you can open the form and the signature function will be visible.

Online Submission: If you would like to submit the CTA/ABC forms online, click on the "ABC Forms Online Submission" link below. You will need to log in (orange log in box at top right) to access the link, which will then take you to the ABC Forms main page. Follow instructions to submit the CTA/ABC forms online. 

Note: You may experience problems if you are using a MAC computer and Safari web browser. We are working to resolve the issues. In the meantime, you can print the PDF form, complete the form by hand, and then submit the form via scan/email or fax. Thank you for your patience.

 ABC Forms Online Submission

Manual Submission: If you would like to submit the forms manually, download the PDF forms below.  Complete the forms, then submit them via email to calexander@cta.org with a cc: to your CTA/ABC Committee member or by fax to 916-325-1596.

 Local President Checklist for Preparing and Submitting a Request for CTA/ABC Funding Assistance

 Application Packet for CTA/ABC Funds: Chapter PAC [Campaign Plan Template] [K-12] [Community College] [County] The campaign plan template is an optional form, but a campaign plan must be submitted with the application.

 Application for CTA/ABC Funds: Candidate Direct Contribution [School Board][County]

 Application for CTA/ABC Funds: Issues Direct Contribution

 PAC Election Evaluation Form

 Candidate Direct Contribution Evaluation Form

 Issues/Measure Direct Contribution Evaluation Form

 Application for Special Circumstances Grant

 Event Attendance Report

 School Board Event Report Evaluation and Reimbursement Form

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