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CTA strives to ensure member rights as educational professionals by helping local associations negotiate good contracts with better salaries and health benefits, stronger job-security provisions, and improved teaching and learning conditions.

Membership Recruitment and Engagement Resources

Download resources to help you design and implement a successful membership program, or to supplement a current one. In addition, you will find materials to promote membership and keep your members engaged throughout the year.

Axioms for Organizers

Enduring and meaningful organizing is from the ground up, brick by brick—not top down. The best organizers work quietly, behind the scenes, persistently asking questions and pushing leaders to take action con ánimo—with great enthusiasm. 

CTA Organizational Handbook

The CTA Organizational Handbook is an accurate record of all policy binding upon the governance structure of CTA adopted by the State Council of Education. It is used by the Board of Directors, officers, staff (including legislative advocates), liaisons and other bodies of the Association for reference in reflecting the policies of CTA.

Chapter Leader Corner

Organize and promote member benefits, local chapter action materials, FAQs on flex-plans, sample articles and letters, and more.


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Members-only Content Forms Center

Download expense reimbursement forms, apply for ABC funding, and much more.

Members-only Content Document Clearinghouse

Download valuable booklets and materials, such as the CTA Elections Manual for local leaders, Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee reports, and more.

Members-only Content CTASearch

CTASearch allows Chapter Presidents and Bargaining Chairs to view and compare chapter contracts online, as well as gather other pertinent contract-related data.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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