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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 3
Student: Elliott Chung
Teacher: Karen Bomar
Chapter: Glendale TA




César E. Chávez was a busy agriculture worker who has led the first successful American farmers’ reunion. His work has made him memorial and respected because now we are producing food rations that are successful. Without him, then there would be world hunger problems.

Chávez’s first farming work began in 1952. His first ever task was farming apricot orchards outside of San Jose. Then, he joined the Community Service Organization and worked against economic problems as the CSO National Director. His legacy has affected my life in principles of empowering, teamwork, safety/health/environment, social farming justice, and self determination. Everyone’s lives today are affected by his legacy too.

Working against the problems of economy was a hard challenge for him. He was born when the Great Depression started, so he had a hard life, and was poor but had to work for others who would be poor when he would be in adulthood. I believe that he acts as one of the fighters in trying to stop the depressing economies, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt so that the future will not suffer as terribly as the time when he lived in, which is his part of legacy.

I’m sure that he has an important role in the Agriculture Labor history in the entire history of America. No one could actually try hard like him because they were not skilled nor brave to work like César E. Chávez. He used his life to support others who would not have a bright future if he doesn’t act or if legacy is not established. César E. Chávez believed that farmers should be thanked more and have social justice, so he made a law that farmers had the right to reunite in reunions. He put up civil rights for suffering people who had experienced the grape boycotting and the harmful impact of pesticides on the crops and vegetables they were eating, which became one of the health and safety in food issues solved by teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration.

César E. Chávez has now passed away in 1993 in his sleep, and fifty thousand people have come to his funeral. I can prove that he was most thankful when he was doing a job he can do to make a big change for all of us. That proves that if there is a problem, the problem solver will be remembered for this.

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