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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 1
Student: Danielle Cuddy
Teacher: Blanca Wellington
Chapter: Napa Valley EA




Midnight Sunshine – The Great Journey of César Chávez

César Chávez is an influential Latino figure inspiring millions, every day. Though he is deceased, Chávez’s spirit continues to shape our modern society in positive ways. America’s farm workers’ rights as we know them today would not be possible without the humanity and care César Chávez put into advocating for a safe and respectable farming environment. Through passion, and humbleness, César Chávez has shaped our farming communities into a better working place, forever.

My portrait depicts the evolutionary process of César Chávez’s life. From dawn to dusk; through the harsh sun summer brought, to the freezing temperatures of winter, this heroic figure braved through the worst, challenging landowners and commercial businesses to protect the farm workers from bio-hazardous material. In the pastel and pencil portrait, César gradually rises above the inhumane working conditions of manual labor. As he escapes the strenuous work of the day, and enjoys the gains from his successful protesting; he enters the beautiful world of freedom, and the beautiful colors of the sunset. Celebrating, he takes off his working hat, and waves the famous UFW flag.

This portrait depicts the passion César Chávez possesses. Having endured many difficult treatments in his life, his indestructible spirit gave him the courage to break free and become a new man. Humbly, César spent most of his life speaking not necessarily as the leader of a grand operation, as much as one of the people himself. The qualities Chávez possesses make him a heroic figure. In the dreaded times of darkness, César Chávez found a flicker of hope. In finding that flicker, he gave the farming communities a little peace of mind, equality, and humanity.

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