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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 1
Student: David Crenshaw, Jacob Stolting, Uriel Valentin
Teacher: John Silva
Chapter: Guerneville TA



César Estrada Chávez

César Estrada Chávez was as strong of a hero to the Latino communities in the past as he is today. He started by trying to unify the farm workers in the vineyards. When César Chávez got enough support from the Latino community he formed a two hundred fifty mile walk from Delano to Sacramento. Other non-violent methods that César Chávez used were boycotts and, the most effective was twenty-five day hunger fast. César Chávez accomplished a lot for his fellow Latino and Latina.

“You can not oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.
We have seen the future, and the future is ours.”

César Chávez was a regular Latino farm worker. He had seen people poisoned by pesticides and dehydrated from lack of clean water. In extreme conditions he had even seen the bodies of murdered Latino and Latina. Which gave him a spark. This spark is what I like to call the spark of change.

“Nuestra virgen Guadalupe” represents hope and prosperity for a new healthier life, for the Latino and Latina.

César Chávez influenced my partner and I through the human and civil rights issue he fought for.

Mr. Chávez changed the world; he knew that men and women are created equal and nothing less.

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