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Let’s Get Real

A documentary and curriculum guide on bullying and discrimination is being offered to CTA members at a deep discount.

Let’s Get Real gets kids talking honestly about name-calling and bullying. It gives educators and parents an effective way to intervene and stop school violence.

With emphasis on middle school audience, sixth through ninth-grade students talk about the rampant back-stabbing, intimidation, and physical violence that results when taunting and bullying go unchecked. Let’s Get Real uncovers how kids are pushed to the limit and why.

Included in the curriculum guide are 12 lesson plans aligned with select California State Middle School Standards for English, Health, Social Studies and Math.

Courtesy of the Respect For All Project and the GLBT Issues Advisory Committee, this offer is exclusive to CTA members.

To order, contact CTA Human Rights Consultant Reena Doyle at 562-942-7979.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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