Food Kitchen

A little something for everyone in December!

There are many interesting events this month that could make for great teachable moments, such as National Homeless Persons' Remembrance Day.
Oakland Education Association

Oakland teachers protest over class size & student resources

Oakland EA is among other locals fighting for just contracts that include language covering smaller class sizes and fair salary increases.

CTA's Strategic Plan Continues on Course

CTA is embarking on a strategic planning process to assure we're positioned in the best possible way to help all students & educators succeed.
Paul Germain

In Fresno teacher Paul Germain's class, ART = SMART!

Considering that "art literally runs the world," all subject areas can and should make a connection to art as a major component of curriculum.



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Linda Darling-Hammond & Dean E. Vogel

Teachers teaching Teachers in new professional development endeavor

CTA members part of groundbreaking partnership to provide expertise to educators statewide to enrich instruction and foster deeper student learning

The Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) is creating professional development strategies and materials to support educators in learning about and implementing the new Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.


Nominations being accepted soon for prestigious NEA Award

Recognition for Transforming Our Profession

Among the awards and grants available through NEA is the Award for Teaching Excellence. If you know of a person or group deserving of special recognition, your chance to submit a nomination for a prestigious NEA award is fast approaching.

Member Benefits

Insurance opportunity ending soon for newly-hired CTA members!

Supporting our members on the homefront as well as at the school site

Newly hired? You can get Disability Insurance & up to $200,000 of Life Insurance if you apply within 120 days of starting work. Get protection from the only CTA-endorsed provider of Disability & Life Insurance – Standard Insurance Company.

Stop Staples

Yet another attempt at privatization: BOYCOTT Staples!

Authentic Partnerships with Other Unions: Standing Up for What's Right

Stop Staples' no-bid deal between the office-supply chain and the U.S. Postal Service. Support our brothers and sisters of the American Postal Workers Union in protest of the outsourcing and privatization of U.S. Postal Service jobs and services.

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