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Connecting with your older - or younger - pal!

What better time than now to hang with someone from another generation. After all, Nat'l Kids Day and Senior Citizens Day both fall in August!

House and Senate pass bills reauthorizing ESEA

The House - and then the Senate on July 16 - passed bills reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
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Supreme Court Will Review Anti-worker Friedrichs Lawsuit

Lawsuit targets collective voices of teachers, firefighters, nurses and others who serve the public.

NEA RA wraps up in Orlando with NBIs a plenty!

The NEA Representative Assembly - the largest democratic deliberative assembly in the world - heard 100+ New Business Items from CA.



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ALEC Poses a Threat to Public Education and to Unions

ALEC goal: kill off public education, public pension systems, and unions

CTA and labor allies are working to keep the American Legislative Exchange Council from gaining traction in CA. ALEC is funded by corporate entities to form anti-union and anti-public education proposals into language that would become legislation.

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UC System Will Boost Minimum Wage of Its Employees

CTA backs SB3 which would boost minimum wage statewide to $13 by 2017

In a major victory for working women and men, the University of California has agreed to raise the minimum wage of its employees to $15 an hour over a three-year period.

American Indian Heritage

Bill to increase number of those able to teach American Indian culture

Social justice, equity and diversity

Gov. Brown has signed CTA-supported AB 163, by Assembly Member Das Williams (D-Carpinteria). The bill creates an American Indian language-culture credential that authorizes holders to teach American Indian culture, American Indian language, or both. ...

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