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November 07, 2013

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Learning from QEIA Schools

Location: Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza, 300 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Learning from California’s QEIA Schools: A Symposium on Pathways to Change. Highlights from two recently released studies on schools participating in the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) will be presented, including what factors led to success at exemplary schools, what features of school sites helped to mitigate challenges, and how lessons learned from QEIA might be transferred to other schools. The symposium will bring together teachers and administrators from QEIA schools, policy makers and political leaders from throughout California to examine one of the state’s most ambitious school improvement programs and share perspectives on what QEIA has demonstrated that can be of benefit to all schools in California.

There is no charge to attend this invitation-only event and lunch will be provided.  Registration is required and space is limited. For questions or further assistance, please contact Jackie Hanna, JHanna@cta.org or (650) 552-5410. 

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