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CTA Peace and Justice Human Rights Award

Kathleen Minck | Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association

Kathleen Minck’s first year as a union rep was in 2000. Since then, she has gradually increased her involvement and has been an active member of her Executive Board for the last 6 years.

Concurrent with her union work, she has been an elementary teacher representative for her school district’s Wellness Committee, tasked with building awareness within her schools and community to promote healthy lifestyles for our children.

As the recipient of CTA’s Peace and Justice Human Rights Award, here are a few examples of Kathleen’s work in this area: she traveled to the Philippines where she was profoundly affected by childhood poverty. As a result, she partnered with a Canadian foundation, Free The Children, to develop a fund raising project. Inspired by the work of this foundation, Kathleen developed another project to build a secondary school in Ngumbulu, Kenya. She also led fundraisers with her 5th graders which raised $500 for animal shelters locally and globally and $500 for postage to send 6 large boxes of surplus books to the school that was built in Kenya. She has also traveled to Venezuela with a delegation organized by “SOA Watch” to study education and healthcare. The following year she traveled to Cuba with the same objective. She continues to raise awareness on issues of justice for children around the world by showing videos of her travels. Her current project is raising money through Heifer International to buy a goat for a Kenyan Village for the holidays.

Kathleen’s work listed above is inspired by her belief that safeguarding public education worldwide is a critical component of any effort to provide a more peaceful future.

I am proud to present the 2013 CTA Peace and Justice Human Rights Award to Kathleen Minck.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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