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Event ideas for your local chapter

Read Across America

  Invite local politicians or community leaders to participate in Read Across America activities at your school.
Mayors, city council members, California State Senate and Assembly members and local members of Congress love to visit neighborhood schools. They will also help draw news media to your events. Look for people who are natural news makers.

  Invite local athletic teams to read to your students.
Many local college athletic programs look for community activities for their teams to participate in. College basketball, volleyball, football, baseball and soccer players can serve as excellent role models for younger students and remind older students that reading is cool.

  Invite members of the news media to read to your classroom.
Asking TV news anchors, meteorologists, local radio personalities and newspaper reporters to read to students will help get media coverage of your reading event and will get reporters into your classroom to see other educational activities at your school. Also, schedule reading activities around local television news shows. An event during the morning or noon news could entice stations to broadcast live from your school.

  Celebrate with the community.
Plan activities that members of your community can attend. Check with your local business and community groups. Invite your neighborhood firefighters to read to your students.

  Remember to help get media coverage of the event at your school.
ALWAYS make the event very VISUAL. For instance, ask the reader to wear a costume of his or her favorite character in the book they are reading.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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