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Sample Membership Survey


A membership survey will help you identify members who are active in the community.

When you are establishing a community engagement program, it is important to assess your membership to see how many of them live within the District boundaries. The survey will help you identify members who are already involved in community-based organizations, interfaith-based organizations and unions.

You may find that you have a ready-made base of members who can assist you in your community engagement program. Once you have identified them, it is important to bring them together to share what the Association is planning to do with its engagement program. One goal is to enlist those members who are connected with community groups to be a conduit to those groups. They can become ambassadors and assist the Association in building a relationship with the community. Remember, the key is to build relationships.  Your members can share information about the Association, keep the community updated in District happenings and assist the community with its concerns.

Download a copy of the Community Involvement Survey. This survey can be changed to meet the needs of your local and can be tailored to serve as a Membership Survey. 

Prior to sending out the survey, the President or the Chair of the Community Engagement Committee should report out to the Representative Council about the Community Engagement program. They should also place an article in the Association Newsletter letting members know about the community engagement program and the importance of filling out the survey. You may be surprised to find previously uninvolved members who are enthusiastic about community engagement.

Once the surveys have been collected, they should go to the Community Engagement Committee to establish a database of members who are interested in getting involved.

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