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House Meetings


House Meetings are a useful tool for local chapters to organize the community. One of the best ways to get community support behind your chapter is to organize a house meeting. A house meeting can be held anywhere - someone’s house, a church, restaurant or chapter office.

A successful house meeting should include the following steps:

  • Have the chapter appoint a committee to plan house meetings
  • Determine the number and purpose of the house meetings
  • Prepare an agenda and talking points
  • Establish a date for all speakers (members) to be trained prior to a house meeting
  • Develop materials that can be given to members to reinforce the message
  • Invite stakeholders
  • Arrange for snacks and beverages
  • Publicize the meeting

House meetings have been held by CTA chapters to organize and mobilize around the following issues:

  • Pink Slips (Reduction In Force)
  • Collective Bargaining
  • School Board Elections
  • Parcel Tax
  • School Bonds
  • School Safety
  • Drop Out Rate
  • Achievement Gap
  • Gang Problems
  • State Budget Crisis
  • Public Relations
  • Lack of Recreation Facilities for Kids

Any issue that impacts your local association or community can be an opportunity to hold a house meeting. House meetings are one way to build community support for your issues.  To get ideas for holding House Meetings, check our sample resources page.

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