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Community Projects


CTA Community Engagement Department projects and grants are available to local chapters.  CTA Community Engagement has partnered with the California Endowment on an array of programs that can be used by local chapters and their communities. Research shows that healthy kids miss fewer days of school, are more attentive in class and do better academically.

CTA Community Engagement projects that are available statewide include:

  • Teachers For Healthy Kids
  • Healthy Air/Healthy Kids (IAQ)
  • Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds
  • Public Engagement Project (NEA)

Teachers For Healthy Kids is a program that provides CTA members with information to share with parents and communities about no cost/low cost health care coverage for low-income families.

Healthy Air/Healthy Kids is a program that educates CTA members about the importance of healthy indoor air quality in the classroom as it relates to asthma and respiratory problems.

The Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds program is designed to increase the awareness among CTA members and staff of the benefits of healthy nutrition and physical activity to student academic performance
and health. The program also promotes the implementation of local school board wellness policies.

The Public Engagement Project is a NEA-sponsored activity aimed at closing achievement gaps through community conversations and actions.

Community Engagement Grants

CTA Community Engagement helps locals develop partnerships through chapter project grants. These grants vary in size and scope depending on the needs of the local and its community. Chapters can access these grants through their primary contact staff and/or community engagement consultant.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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