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Sample Checklist


An Assessment will let you know your strengths and weaknesses

Association Name __________________________________________________________

Chapter President __________________________________________________________

Primary Contact Staff _______________________________________________________

Community Engagement Consultant______________________________________________

1.    General Information  Yes   No  N/A 
a.  Chapter has need for Community Engagement 
b.   Chapter has contacted Primary Contact Staff 
c.  Chapter has Executive Board Commitment 
d.  Chapter is in negotiations    O   O   O  
e.  Contacted CTA Community Engagement Consultant  O   O  
2.  Engagement Committee       
a.  Chapter has established a committee 
b.  Community Engagement Chair has been appointed  O O O
c.  First meeting has been scheduled   O O O
d. Purpose and timelines have been developed  O O O
e.  Available resources have been explored   O O O
f.  Membership survey has been sent       O O O
g. Members interested in community engagement have been identified  O O O
h.  Shakers and movers have been identified  O O
i.  Community database has been created   O
j.  Is community engagement training needed    O O
3.  Evaluate       
a.  Evaluation process established  O O O

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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