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Build a Plan


A good community engagement plan will keep the local chapter focused on its goals.  One of the challenges that locals have with their community engagement program is sustaining their program.  Too often, locals try to engage because they are in a crisis and need community support.  Chapters can no longer afford to operate in this manner.  Communities need you to give back.  If your association has done nothing in the community, don’t expect the community to always be there for you.  Mutual support is based on building relationships. 

In building relationships, locals have to focus on the long-term goal of community engagement.  This means doing community activities and being visible.  Your community engagement committee should look at its purpose, timelines, and resources to put the plan in action. 

Some examples:  Some locals have a booth at a community fair, do a library story night, sponsor parent workshops and many other events.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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