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Thank You Teacher


To celebrate the 30th annual California Day of the Teacher last year, educators took the opportunity to say "thank your" to their teachers. Below you’ll find a selection of these. Want CTA to publish your "thank you" this year? Submit your comments today.

Ellen Doskey
Thank you Miss Edwards for introducing me to Shakespeare when I was in high school. I love him to this day.

Amy McHenry
Ms. McHenry, thank you for being an inspiration. You were and are an incredible math teacher and I am blessed to be able to work with you now as I now teach our students. I'm so thankful to have you as my mentor, but especially my friend.

Mary Melnick
I want to thank my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Smith who taught me that my thoughts and ideas were valuable. I will never forget her. She is my role model of what makes a great teacher!

Jocelyn Coltrin
Thank you, Dr. Marilyn Whirry, most excellent English teacher at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, Calif. You taught me how to write an essay, and now, I'm an 8th Grade English teacher at Slater Middle School.

Eugene Fellows inspired me with her exciting presentations of American history, creative projects and fantastic sense of humor. We put Custer on trial, reenacted the Constitutional convention and debated many details in history. Thank you for all the hard work.

Jose Aguirre
To Ms. Beck My ninth grade Social Studies teacher from El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera. Thank you for believing in me enough to recommend me for Honors TEAM. Because of your gesture, I see every one of my students as able to rise to the occasion. Jehovah bless you always for your kindness and trust.

Joy Pierce
Thank you Mrs. Emery, You made third grade at Toluca Lake Elementary, in North Hollywood Calif. a memorable year. In fact it was so memorable, that I became a teacher. Thanks for seeing the best in me. Sincerely, Joy Pierce (Glassmire)

I'd like to thank Mme. Williams, my French teacher at CHS for four years. She made learning a new language fun and you could tell she really cared about us not only as students, but as people. Thanks Madame W!

Dale Borgeson
I want to thank Mr. Stratton my sixth grade teacher. I remember him as a very soft spoken man who got the respect from the students because he respected them. I also remember that he was a very hard working guy. I would see him working part time pumping gas at the station my parents frequented. I want to thank Mr. Stratton for doing read alouds with our class. I still remember coming in from lunch to hear the next chapter of "Island of the Blue Dolphins" back in 1965.

Liz Landrum
Dear Miss Brown, I was a shy third grader that had not learned to read. This was the fifth school that I had attended. You taught a second-third combo. Your little bunch of third graders were slower than the students in the other classes. So, instead of having reading groups you used plays and poems. This was just the inspiration I needed. I can still recall being the mouse in the Christmas play. We had to memorize our lines by reading them over and over again. When I moved for the sixth time in January, I was a reader. In fact, I did so well that I was tested and put into the Mentally Gifted Minor (MGM) program. Forty years later, I am celebrating 25 years of teaching. My life has been blessed a hundred fold. I have only to thank my God and teachers like you. You made a difference in my life! My sincere thanks, Liz

Lorrie K. Andrade-Beam
To Mr. Delgado, my 4th grade teacher: Thank you for giving me a voice and teaching me how to be a respectful rebel; thank you for showing me the powerful tool that education can be, and for inspiring in me a love of learning. You'll never know how important these things have been to my development academically, socially, and spiritually. To Mr. Martinez: Thank you for being such an incredibly motivating role model. Good teaching is good teaching no matter what the subject. I use your teaching model in my classes to this day. But above all, thank you for inspiring me to dream, and to dream big. To Ted Hamilton: Thank you for showing me that you can meld passion and critical thinking to create a beautiful environment in which meaningful growth, both academic and personal, can occur. Finally, to all teachers that I've had the pleasure of learning from...Mahalo nui loa...thank you.

Rori Garfinkel
Thank you Ellie Goldstein for trusting your students to run our classroom! You gave me confidence I didn't have before and you taught me how to be a leader. I will always remember our little "co-op"!

Nancy De Yager Gilchrist
Mr. Tell, You were a most incredible middle school teacher for so many of us. I really appreciate your upbeat attitude and how you made learning "cool" for so many of us in the late ’60s. I realize this may not actually get to you, but it's lovely to be able to recognize you in this manner.

Barbara Bentley
Thank you Mrs. Gloria Takahashi. You re-ignited my belief in myself. I was floating through High School, and you directed me toward the sciences. You believed in me, and showed me how to be successful. I can honestly say you were one of the most important teachers of my life.

Diana Lanane
Thank You to Bruce Collel of Camarillo, Calif. You are an inspiring teacher and made each day at high school bearable. Having music as a safe place was such a great help in my life! Thank you!

Terry Burns
I was that student who liked all her teachers and was influenced by all of them.I loved school and did well. When I was in 6th grade, I had a hard time personally as my parents were divorcing and I was diagnosed with a serious illness. Mr. Hoover was my 6th grade teacher who never failed to compliment me, never failed to make sure I felt competent and nurtured. thanks so much. You stand out among all my excellent teachers!

Molly Byrne
Thanks for being a teacher at Faiwood Byrnie! It wouldn't be the same without you! Lippy

Sharon Lane
I'm sixty-four, so I know my counselor at James Monroe High School in the San Fernando Valley is either retired, or gone on to the "big classroom in the sky". She changed my life. I had scheduled myself into the non-college prep senior history class. When I went in to get out of it, she placed me in the class with all of the geniuses in my graduating class, to teach me a lesson. That made me so angry, that I aced the class! She taught me that you can out-work smart. That has made all the difference. Thank you "Mrs I Can't Remember Your Name", but I'll never forget your impact!

Kathryn Brewer
I wish to thank Mrs. Rita Morgan! She was an outstanding master teacher! Thank you!

Deanne Cedar
Thank you to my first music teacher, Lynette Van Voris, Bell Intermediate, Garden Grove. I remember when she walked into my third grade classroom to recruit for the instrumental elementary program. From that day forward, music has been my passion and I share my passion for music everyday to my band students.

Terry Burns
I was that student who liked all her teachers and was influenced by all of them.I loved school and did well. When I was in 6th grade, I had a hard time personally as my parents were divorcing and I was diagnosed with a serious illness. Mr. Hoover was my 6th grade teacher who never failed to compliment me, never failed to make sure I felt competent and nurtured. Thanks so much. You stand out among all my excellent teachers!

Lisa Ward Lingo-Jung
Cheryl Bird, PE Teacher at Kerman High School. She was my inspiration for everything! She believed in me as a mediocre athlete (tennis); she believed in me as a student; she believed in me as a teacher's aide; and she believed in me as the Girl Athletic Association's President my senior year. Mrs. Bird was my mentor. Three years after graduating high school, we were pregnant together for the first time and due around the same time. I've continued to keep in contact with her over the years, but not as often as I would like. Thank you for this opportunity to page homage to one of the finest!

Jennifer Galvin
My second grade teacher, all those years ago, inspired me to be a teacher. Miss Harrington was a wonderful, heart-filled- with-love teacher, who loved this so shy, small, fragile girl, who had no confidence and the loss of her father so young. She believed in me, and gave the biggest, best hugs a child could remember. I loved her, and from that day on, knew I was going to be a teacher just like her. I've never had the chance to find her and thank her for her inspiration - I've been teaching 21 years now, and my days today are like my first. My love for teaching is as strong now, if not stronger, than it was when I started in 1991. Thank you Miss Harrington, for being a hero to me! I can only hope and pray my students will look at me, as I have always looked at you!

Danitsa Matich Finch
I want to thank Sue Ellen Grenko for inspiring and encouraging me in 1970-3. I will never be able to thank her enough for my (so far) 33 fabulous years of teaching high school English and Spanish!

My fifth grade teacher made an impact on me, during personal struggles of having my mother leave my family at the beginning of the school year. My mind wasn't on school, but somehow Ms. Harggis made me feel important, even though I wasn't feeling so special. She showed me how life was what ever you made it, as she shared the importance of life choices. I didn't talk much, so I don't think she would even remember me, but she sat me right in front of her so every word she spoke was inspirational. She never knew what I was going through, no one did, because I didn't tell anyone my secret. Nevertheless, she was so understanding and spoke words that motivated me to do the same. I am now a teacher at the same elementry, Heliotrope ES, because I want to be the Ms. Harggis for all our students that needs us.

Janice Walker
Thank you Sandy Quigg for inspiring me. Hope you're well!

Carlos Solis
Dear Mr. Shackleton, Thank you for taking the time to notice the potential in me when no one else did! You're unselfish actions through patience and loving kindness will forever be etched on my heart. It is because of your "going above and beyond" attitude that I was able to persevere and leave a life of gangs, drugs and a really bad home life. I hope as a teacher, I've been able to "pass it forward." I really don't have the words to express my gratitude for what you did for me, but I will say I am glad God made our paths cross!! Sincerely and with a very grateful heart, Carlos Solis : )

Jeanine Wackerman
Thank you to Sally Lord and Nicole Moranda for inspiring me to become a teacher. It was your dedication and devotion to young people that I took for granted in my past and now truly admire and emulate.

Stephanie Cecena
For all of the great memories I have of third and fourth grade (square dancing, dissecting a cow's eye, and the wonderful plays we performed)...thank you, Mrs. Castillo!

Trena Wright
 I have had many wonderful teachers , and they were rare jewels. Ms. Juanita Robinson, Ms. Gladys White, Ms. Lekus, Ms. Vawter, and Mr. Raymond Bandar are the five who were amazing. Their personalities are unique and they really inspired me to love learning, take on challenges, and give my all! I will always love and appreciate them.

Kathy Green
Thank you Sister Mary Thomasina. WHen that terrible tragedy struck my family and me you were the only person that I could bare my true feelings to. The letters we exchanged were more powerful than any other options during that difficult 12th year of life. When I went into teaching I had no intention of teaching middle school, yet I have spent more than 20 years being there for 12 year olds. Playing forward the blessing you gave to me has been a wonderful way to spend my lifetime. Thank you. Love, Kathleen

Erin Hale
I would just like to say thank you to all of the teachers I've ever had. All the way from preschool through college. Because no matter how much I loved you, or how badly you got on my nerves (with all that you asked of me, lol), I am where I am in life today because of what you taught me. Being a teacher has shown me what and important and difficult job educators have. We are SO underpaid, underrated overworked and under appreciated. I know that we don't hear it enough, so on this teacher day I would like to say to all of my fellow educators that I appreciate you and thank you for all that you do!

Nancy Pealer Johnson
I am retiring this year and I cherish the last 21 years as a Special Education teacher. I know I have reached for the stars. I like to thank all my teachers and colleaques who had influenced me along the way. You have definitely reached for the stars - you teach as Christa McAuliffe said.

Dear Ms. Aldrich, It's the Day of the Teacher, and you came to mind. You have been such a relentless advocate for students, believing in their potential and contributing to their growth. I just had to give you the recognition that comes all too rarely for great teachers like you. Thank you for your belief in me and my love of learning. Teachers like you make learning come alive! Warm regards, Gerri McNenny

Debbie Philley
Thank you to my 5th grade teacher Ms. Steptoe who taught at Towne Ave Elementary School in Carson, CA in 1970. She not only was a creative and engergetic teacher, but she taught me about the importance of social justice and civil rights. She literally changed the course of my life regarding tolerance and speaking out for injustices agaisnst others.

Terry Burns
I was that student who liked all her teachers and was influenced by all of them.I loved school and did well. When I was in 6th grade, I had a hard time personally as my parents were divorcing and I was diagnosed with a serious illness. Mr. Hoover was my 6th grade teacher who never failed to compliment me, never failed to make sure I felt competent and nurtured. thanks so much. You stand out among all my excellent teachers!

Mary Melnick
I want to thank my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Smith who taught me that my thoughts and ideas were valuable. I will never forget her. She is my role model of what makes a great teacher!

Dr. Sue Smoot
Thank you Lynn Ewing at Saddleback HS for your understanding and the many little things you went out of your way to do. You made me feel both normal and special. Thank  you Renan Musick at Saddleback HS for giving me a chance to express myself in sports and be good in something. You allowed me to help you - I was so honored to be able to do that. Thank  you Ms. Walter at SJSU for being an amazing example of a coach/teacher. Thank  you Carol Mooney at Chapman for truly being a teacher of teachers. You showed me how to teach. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank  you Dr. Jane Smoot for your support when I was learning how to teach. In only a few moments, I saw how to gently but honestly help a student do better. Thank you Suzi Tigner for your example of being open to all types of students and how you make each one know that you care about them and they are special.

Genevieve Rosales Di Giulio
Mrs. Bouchet, you somehow managed to get this dejected, disillusioned little sixth grader (who had just moved to a new town) to renew her love for education. Who knew I'd end up casting my net out to catch middle schoolers who needed me, too! Twelve years of teaching and I love every moment of it. We touch lives. It's that simple.

Susan Holstrom
Thank you to Mr. Bob Schaal - my all-time favorite teacher from Kraemer Jr. High in Placentia, Calif. He influenced my life in so many ways, most importantly in helping me believe in myself. I realized through my connection with him that he was the type of teacher I aspired to become. A BIG THANKS to you Bob - you are still my teaching hero!

Stephanie Lawrence Bird
Thank you Jan MacDougall for creating such a safe environment so that I could blossom. You turned me on to learning in general. You are amazing! I can still remember so many vivid moments in your classroom.

Corinne McIntire
My two favorite teachers by far were my high school history teacher Dr. Cross and my high school counselor Mr. Parmer. During the finals week my freshman year my most favorite person in the whole wide world, my dad, passed away right in front of me. These two had all my teachers freeze my grades and for the last two weeks of my freshman year while I just sat in my chair during my classes. All through high school these two not only were great teachers to me but they also became very important role models and father figures as well. When I became a teacher, I went back to visit them both and told them how much they meant to me. It really meant a lot to them to hear that. They will always have a very special place in my heart. Los Alamitos High School, Class of ’92

Judi Jackson
Thanks to four of my teachers for inspiring me from my 8th grade math teacher, Mrs. Rawson, who made me feel so smart in math and encouraged me to lead others in our math class to my eighth grade PE teacher, Mrs. DeMaglio, who encouraged me to go forward in sports, before Title IX came to be. I loved sports and I was the only straight A student in the eighth grade. My high school business teacher, Mr. Long asked me to assist other teachers in copying, typing, etc., and to boost my keyboard skills, which have always stayed with me and make my computer desktop publishing superfast. Ms. Ellisor, my high school advisor in cheerleading. We have always stayed in touch – she has been a very caring teacher! Thank you!

Barbara Muskat
Mr. Dahl was my high school art teacher at James Monroe High School who influenced me to pursue teaching and teaching art. He made art class fun and awakened me to the art of teaching. Thank you Mr. Dahl and a handful of other teachers who really cared about their students and the subjects helped me to understand.

Isabelle Bishop
Thank you to Mr. Decker who taught at Mclane High School in Fresno. You made a big difference in my life. Not just as a great math teacher and coach, but also our advisor in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Thank you for all you did for us.

Patricia Ellis
Thank you Betty Alexander and Lee Christisen at Scandinavian Middle School in Fresno, 1980-81. Thank you for your support!

Victoria Kortlang
Thank you Mr. Slaker, my 6th grade teacher at Hardy Elementary, for making me feel worthwhile even though I had no interest in school at the time. You never put me down. Who would have believed that one day I, too, would be a teacher.

Sherry Wright
Thank you Dee Frank, my English teacher at Torrey Pines H.S. You were my young and enthusiastic mentor, always pushing me to do more than what was expected so that I would grow more. I have been teaching high school English for 26 years and aim for another 11, and you inspired me to be here.

Karen Martz
Mr. Aaron Works was my high school band teacher. He inspired me to not be afraid of hard work and determination of a goal for my future. He believed in me when I doubted myself. He encouraged me even when his words were met by my non-appreciative teenage attitude. He inspired me to always be a positive influence to others and never give up. He saw potential in me beyond my immature years and shared his evaluation of my gift in a heartfelt letter of recommendation to my college music program. I am forever grateful for his extraordinary example of what every educator should be and strive each day to live up to his example. Thank you Mr. Works! The heavens are blessed to have you among their midst. Till we meet again.

David R. Vaughn
Thank you to Mr. Lloyd Faulkner of Joaquin Miller Jr. High, Sacramento. Three years of social studies, grades 7-9, you helped me learn to think, to question, and to think about what I was told and what I was taught. Thank You.

Tracy Oman Welter
Thank you to Barry Tambara who was my Activities Director at Brea Olinda High School! He was a wonderful mentor - once I became a teacher I had the pleasure of becoming his colleague and now that I myself am an Activities Director at my school I realize even more the significant role he played in the lives of so many of his students! Thank you Mr. T!

Jena (Vallee) Smith
I want to thank Ms. Paloma Leon de Johnston of Montessori schools for encouraging a life-long love of learning in me. I also want to thank Mrs. Mayra Sosin (retired from Foothill High School) for recognizing my potential and inspiring me to become the kind of teacher who shows how much I care every day!

Amanda Mello
Thank you, Mrs. Rogers! In 4th grade you inspired me to make personal changes to positively affect our environment. You were a leader in project-based learning. I strive to have even a fraction of the impact that you were able to have on students. Thank you for being making California a better place!

Heather Malone
I want to thank my 10th-grade English teacher, Ms. Ryan, for showing me the type of teacher I didn't want to be. She was so mean to us, but I learned so much from her. When I came to be a teacher, I knew I wanted to treat my students with respect and smile once in a while. I also knew that, like Ms. Ryan, my students needed to know grammar rules and vocabulary and to pick apart a word to understand it more. Thanks, Ms. Ryan.

Larry Resendez
Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at my home school at Van Buren Elementary School for the wonderful job you are doing today (May 11, 2012). I am only a substitute teacher and my present experience substituting for teachers there have been amazing. Please keep up the good – no – wonderful work all of you are doing at my home school on the south side of Stockton, Calif. I am so proud of our teachers there today.

Danny Gonzalez
I want to thank Mr Frank Tamony, for shaping soo many lives at Saint Peter Martyr Parochial Grammer School in Pittsburg, Calif., during the '70s. He was an inspiration to do well, try your best and make wise decisions! Thank you "F.T" I am now a special education instructor and have worked with children for 20 years because of you, Thank you from th bottom of my heart. May you live forever in so many ! God Bless

Denise deGrasse
Thank you, Sr.Marguerite, for spending time with me before school, letting me help you with the bulletin boards, and ultimately inspiring me to become a teacher.

Sandy Walker
I have been teaching for 22 years. My 6th grade teacher at Allen Ave. School in San Dimas was forgiving and I was so grateful. My parents were going through a divorce. My friends and I were playing in the walkway and Mrs. Echeverri asked us to move over. I made a comment that made my friends gasp and my teacher stop and turn back to me. She bent down and whispered some understanding words in my ear and left. My friends thought I was going to the office, but I wasn't. I knew I was just given a gift. I remember her when things get tough with the kids in my own class. I wish I had let her know many years ago how much I appreciated her understanding during a rough time for me. Thank you now.

J. Matt Villalobos
Thank you Teachers for all of the extra stuff we do with out being viewed. I cannot think of another profession so rewarding. My 6th grade teacher Mr. Sawyer influenced me to set my sights on becoming an excellent reading teacher, he was so emotional when he read aloud to us in class, he really showed the artistry of the author. My college professor Dr. Patterson influenced me to serve the most needy of students and to derive huge satisfaction from seeing slightest incremental improvements in that student. Thank you America for giving me your best students!

Eileen Folstad Mauldin
Thank you to Marlene Vest, years ago at William McKinley Elementary School in Long Beach, Ca. She was my 4th and 5th grade teacher. I think of her all the time. In her class in the 1960's I wanted to be just like her and decided then to become a teacher. I've now been teaching since 1977. Thank you Mrs. Vest.

Robert Earl Groeling
Thank you, Mrs. Wilson When I was in first grade my teacher went out of her way to find an article about a survivor of the Titanic. She was attempting to get me to read. I still remember that. It would have been in at least 1961. That was very thoughtful of her and she apparently knew I was facinated with the Titanic so she went out of her way to encourage me personally. Very Nice. Thank you. PS Unfortunately shes probably not alive anymore but we can take heart in that personal touch a teacher can give to a student.

Vicki L. Perry
Thank you, Mrs. McLaughlin, for instilling in me a lifelong love of books. My fourth grade at Harmon Elementary School, was the most comforting classroom for an awkward little girl. Thank you from a fellow

Miles Brown
To Mr. and Mrs. MacFarland, my 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers: you can't imagine the impact you had on not just me, but all the students you taught at Alice Birney Elementary. I still talk to them, and every single one has glowing things to say. You were truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your helping us all become better people. We (I think I may speak on behalf of all of us) will never forget you.

Erin Moran
My mother is my inspiration. She is an awesome kindergarten teacher and she inspired me to also become a teacher. I teach high school and I have no idea how she deals with the organized chaos that is kindergarten every day.

Donabeth Houx
Thank you Mrs. Militich, my language/literature teacher my junior and senior years in high school. You were such an inspiration for me. I had very little confidence in myself academically, but your love of literature and writing infused itself into me, and I began to write, write, write; essays, poetry, especially poetry. You were so supportive, and saw something in me that no one else had seen. I love you, where ever you are. I think of you often with the greatest appreciation and sense of awe.

Julie Pitchforth Munyer
The teacher that most influenced my life would have to be Dr. Yvonne Gold of Cal State University, Long Beach. Dr. Gold was the instructor in the final course for my masters degree, the course that prepares you to take the comprehensive exam. The work and expectations in that class taught me that I could indeed do ANYTHING. It prepared me to tackle education and lead me to be a mentor teacher for many years in the Ontario/Montclair School District. Dr. Gold had a great influence on my both personally and professionally.Thank you Dr. Gold.

Thuy Cat-Aurelio
Miss Diana Kawauchi, my 10th grade high school geometry teacher, at Saddleback High School in Santa Ana, Calif., was my inspiration. It was you who believed in me and gave me my first paid job as a math tutor at age 16. It was you and geometry, that had influenced me to become a math teacher. Thank you for being a great part of my career life!

LeeAnn Hickam Constant
Thank you Mrs. Markozy, Linda Vista Elementary, Pacifica, Calif.,  for making my 4th grade year so much fun. You had positive reinforcement for every single learning objective and I can't begin to image how you managed it for so many students!

Mayra Montanez
Thank you Mr. Haas, Mr. Sternshine and Mrs. Nieves, from Mills Elementary in Whittier Calif. I appreciate all you do, thanks a million times for your patients, humor and the wonderful memories. Mr. Haas, I will always remember what 7+8=15, Mr. Sternshine your music is always in my mind; I can still hear your guitar playing spinning wheel. Mrs. Nieves, thank you for your individual teaching techniques and for standing up for me when no one else did. These teachers at Mills elementary were my true inspiration on why I wanted to teach. I wish you the best in life. Sincerely Mayra Montanez Class of 1993

Patricia Harper
I'd like to thank Mr. Vaught from Ontario High. He was my business teacher and always pushed for his students to excel. When I told him I was going to be a teacher he gave me lots of ideas on how to build relationships with my students. He will be 90 in August and I still have dinner with him and share stories and ideas. Thank you Mr. Vaught you are the best!

Alejandro Estrada
Too many to thank! Here are a few: Carmen Hale, Elaine Feuer, Janet Rhodes, Harry Grant, Susan Richards, Angela Reading, Jerry McClain - You all made elementary school special! John Brady showed me the meaning of the word integrity! Gary Nozawa, Susan Anderson, Deborah Thompson-Bohne - Inspired me to never give up!

Nikita Rose
I want to say thank you for your tireless effort and devotion in the teaching field. You inspire the students to believe they can succeed because of your success. You are diligent, resourceful and creative in the classroom and for that, I say one million thankyous!

Mr. Del Rosario, For believing in me, I thank you. My science project was the very least of all, but you thought differently and I won the grand prize. What an honor to have been one of your students! Regards, One of your 7th grade student from Berendo Junior High (class of 1982)

Jennifer Fernandez
Mrs. Truebridge, thank you for believing in me at such a young age. I am truely grateful for all you have done for me and for inspiring me to become a better teacher.

Jennie Bremer
Thank you to Mr. Miller, Esperanza High School, Anaheim, 1989! You were (and still are) the bomb!

Megan McLaughlin
Mr Gerber, my sixth grade teacher in Ambler, Pa. Cooking contests, talent shows, laughter, and great teaching.

Kara Lohr
Thank you Jan for taking me under your wing! I would not be the teacher that I am without your knowledge and support!

Brenda Dempsey
I was blessed to have MANY wonderful teachers who influenced me to find my passions and gifts, but there was one teacher who showed me how I could combine these passions and gifts into one profession: Mr. Kelishes at Pacifica High in GGUSD. Mr. K brought history alive, showed me how to write an essay, challenged me to seek knowledge and to always improve. Thanks, Mr. K for inspiring me to be the teacher I am today.

Lynda Dougherty-Kelly
To Mr Peter A Johns who taught at Tulelake Middle School in the 70s: Thank you for answering my letters when I moved away. Thank you for staying in touch for years, thank you for taking me to lunch at the Smorgasbord when I moved and above all else thank you for believing in a scared little girl with much love.

Pam Jewell
Roy Engoran was my 10th and 12th grade English teacher. I came from a family of teachers but it was Mr. Engoran who helped me to realize that I loved language and writing. I have had the chance on many occasions to thank him for inspiring me to become a teacher.

Laurel Ryerson
I want to thank Diane Christener, formerly of Del Rey Elementary School, for making me feel like school was a positive place to be. I never disliked school, but once I got into her class, I LOOOOOOVED school. Though I don't recall exactly what she said or did to inspire me this way, I will always remember that I felt valued, appreciated, and noticed.

Jeanine Muzzio Bura
Betty Lou Lighty was the third grade teacher to five Muzzio children at Alta Vista Elementary School in the Union School District. Each one of us had a remarkable experience in her class, and 30+ years later still talk about her. Thank you Mrs. Lighty for inspiring me to become a teacher! I have been in the field since 1987 and love it every day!

Holly Capozzi
My sixth grade teacher Leah Stuart will forever hold a special place in my heart. She was the first teacher I had after my parents lengthy custody battle was over. She made me feel comfortable, cared about, and grounded in my new school. Even though our lives are busy, I am so happy to still have a relationship with her almost thirty years later. Thank you "Mrs. Stuart"!

Acianita Lucero
Ms. Arlene Hood at Moreau Catholic H.S. taught me how to look for something good or beautiful everyday.

Lisa Phelps Linn
I thank my kindergarten teacher, Irene Counts at Hawthorne Elementary in San Diego. Not only did she make me love her when I was five, she hosted me as a student teacher when I was 32 and had gone back to school for me credential. She was autocratic but kind, directed but creative, in short, she was the kind of educator I aspire to be. Thank you Mrs. Counts.

Cathy Coates
Mrs. Cooper was my 4th grade teacher in Bridge City, La. She was amazing in every way. She made learning fun, and that shaped my teaching philosophy. If learning isn't fun, we're not doing it right. Thanks, Mrs. Cooper! I became a 4th grade teacher too!

Kay Pettit
Dear Mr. John Ross, Yo were my musical inspiration at Rubidoux HS in Girls Choir , Acappella Choir and Madrigals. Thank yo for being a fine musician, teacher, and mentor. Because of you I went to Chapman College and am now finishing my doctorate degree. God Bless! Kay

Ann Katzburg
Thank you to Mr. Fisher, my fourth and fifth grade teacher. You were so influential in my choice to become a teacher. I was a shy student and doubted my ability, but you promoted me in every aspect of school, allowing me to participate in book discussions via the Jr. Great Books program, attend enrichment activities in music and drama, and allowed me to participate in an enrichment science class. You taught me to heighten my expectations of myself, provided a safe environment, and gave me a life-long love affair with reading! Thank you for being a tremendous teacher.

Robin Gray-Stewart
Thank you Mr. Le May for being my 8th grade science teacher. Your enthusiasm, spontaneity, and creative encouragement helped us all to see science in a whole new light. I remember homework where we were assigned projects such as observing the water in our showers or designing a spaceship to Mars with all the survival equipment we would need. The range of topics covered was wonderful, but the best part was teaching us to love science. I remember your slides of Vietnam and that you became a father that year. Your teaching was personal and full of your love of life. I'll never forget that year. Hope you have had a fantastic life and had the opportunity to touch many more lives.

Roni MacDonald
I want to thank my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Dodge, from Glen Oak Elementary School in Charter Oak/Covina, Calif. As a young girl, I had missed a lot of school. Because I was shy and quiet, I was easily passed over, but Mr. Dodge held me to higher standards, which was the beginning of my awakening period. I now teach 5th grade and lovingly touch as many lives as possible by holding my students to a higher standard. Thank you again, Mr. Dodge.

Teresa Solis
Mr. Mannetti from Union City, You were my favorite all-time teacher! I remember that you made me feel smart and special! Sixth grade was great because of you!

Jessica Serrano
Mrs. Gruber, 6th grade English at Meadows Elementary in Valencia, Calif. She was an amazing woman, and I treasured learning with her! I remember her encouragement to like poetry, write stories, and try new things. Mr. Pew, AP Government at Hart High School in Newhall, Calif.  He helped make learning important to me! I can still remember wearing my red sequin dress in front of the class singing my political Christmas song (twice). You both helped make me into the teacher, mother, wife, and woman I am today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing to teach.

June McCullough
During my junior year in high school, my English teacher encouraged me to join the school newspaper staff. She saw in me a potential writer. She gave me the self-confidence to become a great writer and to go to college and become an English teacher myself! Thank you Mrs. Reidell!

Karen (Jones) McNay
My high school P.E. teacher, Donna McKenna, probably saved my life. I lived in a very abusive home and started doing drugs my freshman year. I didn't care what happened to me. For some reason she took me under her wing. She was a total stranger and cared about me. It made me start caring about myself. Sophomore year I decided to do better in school and make a plan for my future. It was then that I decided to become a teacher, so that perhaps through my experiences I could help a youth find hope and choose the right path. Years later I found a stack of letters that Mrs. McKenna had sent to my mom telling her what an amazing young woman I was and how proud my mom must be of me.

Lesley Mellado
Thank you to Mrs. Debbie Dillion for inspiring me on becoming a teacher!

Guy Weeks
Thank you Mrs. Moore. Fourth grade teacher at Arlington Elementary, Torrance, Calif.

Lana Willis
Thank you to my San Bernardino High School teachers in 1989!!! A special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Pring.

Dion Dickinson Gray
Lance Otis-Great memories from the Uni High Water Ski Club, and aiding for you as Administrator!

Dion Dickinson Gray
Thank you, Teacher! Lance Otis-Great memories from the Uni High Water Ski Club, and aiding for you as Administrator! Dion

Vince J. Rosato|
Wow, it is happiness for me in this mire of budgetary negativity that I raise up for praises Annette Iwamoto who tirelessly supports each and every student and teacher who requests assistance, who spends countless hours considering the best ways to engage student learning on all levels and has a humility that simply testifies to her genuine gift as an educator of educators. She models for me what the best in each of us looks like when combined in one teacher. Thank you, Annette!

Judith Sanderson
Thank you, Mrs. Bronner, for teaching me to read in first grade and for make bunny ear hats with us!

Claudia Shehan
I feel very bless because I have several great teachers who gave me not only the tools for academic success, but for self-confidence as well. Mrs. Vigil, my 6th grade teacher, inspired me to become a teacher. She created a community and a safety net in and out the classroom. The space in this e-mail will not be enough to describe all she did as a teacher, as a person. While in high school I have Mr. Cerdeno, Mrs. Menjivar, and many others who taught me Math, Literature, Biology, and guided me to choose my path. To all of them, thank you for your dedication, and hard work.

Mary Ellen Dahlke
Thank you Mrs. Jeannie Orr, my high school Advanced Biology teacher. With your love and enthusiasm for science, you let me know that it was OK for a girl to be a science teacher, a rare event many years ago when I started my teaching career. With your understanding and patience, you helped a shy and inhibited girl who loved science overcome her fears of public speaking. I now have female students who are also showing interest in science teaching, and find that I have to stop myself from talking to give the kids a chance to share their wonderful ideas! Although you are no longer with us here on Earth, I am sure that you are still watching over all of your loving students.

Roberta Pyne
Thank you to my number one hero of a teacher, my father, Cal Rossi. He taught and coached many high school students in his day. But, he also taught many CTA members and me how to advocate for student and teacher rights through collective bargaining. Thank you, Dad, for leading the way! You are a great coach and teacher!

Dana Tauber
Thank you Mrs. Goldstein, Mrs. Gohata and Mr. DeRoche from Bassett Street School in the 1970's

Frances Nicholson
I want to thank Maggie Barnard, my sixth grade teacher in 1965-66, who took a very young, very overconfident know-it-all outcast and opened the door to the world of community. I had skipped two grades by the time I hit 6th grade, and had no idea why nobody liked me. In her gentle, motherly but no-nonsense way, Mrs. Barnard brought me to a sense of how the things I said and did impacted others. With that to work with, I was able to reinvent myself to some extent, upon entering junior high the following year, and become a better person. She taught me many other things, but that was the most important. When I heard she died in the mid-90s, I wept openly. Thank you, Mrs. Barnard, for everything.

Lisa Menell
Thank you Judy Saute for being a great "unofficial" mentor teacher. I try to emulate you, but have not come close. You are always understanding, always smiling, and never angry.

Linda Ramirez
I would love to thank my high school teacher Mr. Angels, from El Monte High school in El Monte Calif. He was a caring person and the only one who took time to ask how I was doing and was nice to talk to. He took an interest in his students and encouraged them the strive high. He was my influence to go into teaching. Thank you Mr. Angels, wherever you may be.

Y. Varela
Thank you to Mr. Harsh at Lynwood High to opening our eyes to learning about the world and what it has to offer. Your compassion to teach not only art, but also about life, will always inspire my career.

Heidi Moreno
Thank you to Mrs. Ertel, Mrs. Nolte, Mrs. Rosell and Mrs. Martinson for helping me to be my best and find my way. You all inspired my love of reading and of learning. Each one of you influenced me to become the person and teacher I am today!

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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