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Nearing Retirement?


NEA/CTA Retired Membership

As an active member of CTA you are aware of the many benefits of membership. As a retiree you will want to retain those benefits into retirement. You are invited to join and become an active participant in NEA/CTA-Retired by calling the CTA Membership Department at 650-552-5278. Or, print brochure/enrollment form that includes more information on the NEA/CTA-Retired membership including a membership form which you can complete and mail to CTA to activate your membership.


By considering your membership in NEA/CTA-Retired, you are eligible to continue to participate in many CTA member benefit programs. The following is a partial list of those benefits:


 CTA Voluntary Life Insurance Plan (lifetime membership required)
 Auto and Home Insurance
 Credit Union Services
 No-fee CTA Credit Card
 Personal Loans
 Travel, Entertainment and Purchasing Discounts
 Vision Discount Program through VSP 


Planning For Your Retirement – CalSTRS Can Help


Whether you are new to teaching, a mid-career or second-career teacher, or nearing retirement, CalSTRS can help you develop a plan . The first step is to attend one of four free CalSTRS workshops to build your knowledge base followed by a scheduled meeting with a retirement counselor.


CalSTRS offers five different workshops which are designed to meet your needs at different stages of your career.  For more information on retirement workshops, contact CalSTRS at 800-228-5453.


Also available to prospective retirees is the CalSTRS Retirement Benefits Calculator -- and CalSTRS benefit counselors who can meet with you and assist you in obtaining retirement and disability allowance estimates.


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