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Changing Jobs and/or Moving?


To ensure your CTA membership continues uninterrupted – and you continue to receive news and information about CTA and your membership benefits be sure to follow these steps.

If You Are Still Working in the Same School District

If you’ve moved but are still working in the same school district, you need to notify CTA of your new address. You can contact the CTA Membership Department at:  (650) 552-5278; membership@cta.org.

If You Are Working in a New School District

CTA members who change school districts must re-enroll in CTA. Be sure to contact your new chapter president or call the CTA Membership Department at: (650) 552-5278; membership@cta.org.

NOTE: Please make sure to contact the insurance carriers/vendors in which you are participating to ensure they have your correct contact information.

Important Note About Life and Disability Coverage

If you’re already enrolled in the CTA voluntary group Life or Disability insurance plan, you need to contact The Standard and complete the appropriate forms within 120 days of your school district move to continue your coverage without providing evidence of insurability. Call The Standard at (800) 522-0406. 

Please note, if you do not apply and complete the required forms within the first 120 days of your new employment, your new district will not continue payroll deductions and you will not have insurance. Furthermore, you will be required to provide evidence of insurability if you apply after 120 days of your new employment.

If you’re not participating in the CTA voluntary group Life or Disability insurance plan, we’ve got good news for you! You are considered a “new hire” and have a special open enrollment period. If you apply for coverage within the first 120 days of your new district’s hire date, your acceptance into the CTA voluntary Disability plan and up to $200,000 in the Life insurance plan is guaranteed. For more information, call the The Standard dedicated Member Services Center at (800) 522-0406.  

If You’re Moving - Be Sure to Check Out Helpful CTA Member Benefit Programs

There are great CTA Member Benefits that can help with a move. As a CTA member, you can take advantage of:


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