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Yes on Proposition 24 Radio Ad "Greed": (Radio Announcer) "...concluding our business update with corporate profits up and job creation down."  | It's the same old news, GREED! Billions more for the wealthy corporations. The CEO bonuses and taxpayer funded bailouts. And the politicians in Sacramento now want to give these same wealthy corporations a new billion dollar handout. It was a backroom deal. Where the top 2 percent of the state's wealthiest corporations get a giveaway without one guarantee to create a single job in California. And when it goes into effect, we'll pay the price with even more cuts to education and public safety. But, we can change all this by voting Yes on Proposition 24. Prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway to those wealthiest corporations. Finally, a way to protect our schools, public safety and more importantly, our priorities, not theirs. Vote Yes on Prop 24 because it's time to give us a break, not the big corporations. | Paid for by Yes on 24. The Tax Fairness Act. Sponsored by Taxpayers and Public Employee Groups, California Teachers Association Issues PAC and National Education Association.  

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