CTA's statewide day of action will profess our unwavering support for all students, our vigilance in making schools safe zones, and our persistent advocacy for the public education all California students deserve.

Why May 1?

May 1st has been historically linked to international worker' rights. On May 1, 1886, the U.S. Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions (including immigrant workers) ruled that an 8-hour work day, would be a full and legal work day. NEA and the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) are also holding a national day of action on May 1. May 1, or May Day, continues to be a national day of action to raise awareness about immigration rights and the need to keep families together as they fight for a better life.  

How can I get involved?

CTA is asking our local chapters and members to hold actions with parents and community members at their local school sites. Actions may include "walk-ins" with parents and community members, unveiling new safe zone policies and safe zone resolutions, taking the pledge, hosting community meetings, and more. Please join our Facebook group and fill out our form to let us know how you are participating.




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  • Pledge Flyers: 3 + 4 (Spanish) 



Day of Action Playlist

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Show Off Your Local Resources

Manhattan Beach Unified Teachers Association created posters:

Scroll to see how CTA members participated in a #ReclaimOurSchools Day of Action this past January:

Part Three: Responding to Hate

Take action when you need to.

Unions Make Us Strong
Unions Make Us Strong


Part Two: Empowering Yourself

The more you know, the better you're able to prevent and respond.



Part Two: Empowering Yourself

The more you know, the better you're able to prevent and respond.


Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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